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Journey On Buying Cricket Helmet Online

Although cricket helmets were first invented in the 1930s, they weren't considered essential for protecting players until the 1970s. It is impossible to play cricket today without a helmet. Junior players cannot play cricket without helmets.

The cricket helmets are worn while batting, standing as a wicketkeeper, or standing near the batsman. Since cricket balls travel at high speeds, they have been known to cause fatal injury, that's why buying the right, and best cricket helmet is important in sports.

Parts of a Helmet


A shell is created to ensure that the wearer of the helmet has maximum protection to the head, while shock gets absorbed by the shell. 


The grill acts as a shield that protects the wearer's face from impact while trying to reduce the impairment of the wearer's visibility. 

These days, helmet grills are usually made from composite materials, titanium, and transparent polycarbonates. Masuri and Shrey cricket Helmet is used by International Players. And if you looking for the lightest helmet then Moonwalkr is the best one, and all these are available at the best cricket helmet price. 


The padding or foam seen inside the helmets is designed to ensure that the wearer is comfortable, while the helmet is held to head better. This prevents the helmet from moving around and reduces the cricket ball's impact on the wearer.

Chin Strap

This is also seen in most cricket helmets, as it ensures the helmet stays in one place. 

Neck Guard

Many cricket helmets sold with a neck guard to protect the neck. It acts as a shock absorber for the neck, thereby protecting the wearer from impact. And you can also buy the Neck Protector separately.

Advanced Airflow System

Though not every cricket helmet has this system, the cricket helmets found on Sportsuncle do. It ensures the wearer is comfortable.

Choose The Right Cricket Helmet Size

It is important to select that cricket helmet that fits you well. Many buyers do not have the opportunity to visit a cricket expert and make mistakes as a result. Sportsuncle offers online buyers of cricket helmets to select the right size of cricket helmet for themselves.

A lot of cricket helmets sold on Sportsuncle can be adjusted to sit well on the wearer's head, we also write an article on How to select the right cricket helmet ?

The various sizes of cricket helmets using the circumference

For small boys, 51cm to 53cm will do.
For boys, 53cm to 54cm will do.
For youths, 54cm to 56cm will do.
For small men, 56cm to 58cm will do.
For men, 58cm to 60cm will do.
For large men, 60cm to 62cm will do.

This measurement can be used to find out the sizes for yourself on

Materials Cricket Helmets Are Made From

Standard cricket helmets seen online in Sportsuncle have the following materials.

1. ABS Plastic

This plastic can easily be shaped into different forms, and can easily absorb shock. It is cheap to use in producing the helmet, as well as light, but it is not as strong as carbon fiber or fiberglass.

2. Fiberglass

The shells of many cricket helmets seen online are made with fiberglass because it is stronger than ABS plastic. This material reduces comfortability for strength.

3. Carbon Fiber

This material, when combined with another material, Kevlar is known to protect and offer strength to the helmet.

Though it is strong, it is also light and has been seen as the best material for a helmet shell. It is expensive. Sportsuncle sells cricket helmets with this material too.

4. Carbon Steel

This material has strength and is cheap, hence is used for producing cricket helmet grills.

5. Titanium

This material has the greatest tensile strength to weight ratio for any metal and has been known to be light and have steel's strength. This is why it has been seen as the steel's replacement as the material for the grill.

The weight reduction given from a titanium grill makes a cricket helmet much more comfortable, adding less pressure on one's neck, especially during periods of elongated wear.

6. High-Density Foam

This material is made from Polyethylene, ensuring that the wearer is comfortable.

When buying the cricket helmet online, consider your budget first.

It is necessary to opt for cricket Helmets that are light, strong, and comfortable, with good air ventilation. This costs some money but provides safety. Shrey Koroyd is the most powerful and lightest helmet available.

Major brands like Shrey, Moonwalkr, SS , Ayrtek, Masuri of helmets that are affordable and of high quality are sold online on Sportsuncle. Not only these, cricket bats, cricket gloves, balls, and cricket shoes all are available from major brands.

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