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Adidas Ligra 6 Badminton Shoes
₹ 5,999 ₹ 4,499
These lightweight multi-sports shoes excel at a range of indoor sports. They have a breathable mesh ..
Yonex SHB 30EX Badminton Shoes
₹ 3,750 ₹ 2,599
The Yonex Men's Power Cushion 30 Badminton Shoes are an excellent option for the price conscious cus..
Adidas Essence Badminton Shoes
₹ 6,499 ₹ 4,490
Make sure that you're even more agile and faster with the Adidas Essence indoor shoes. The lightweig..
Asics Gel Rocket 9 Badminton Shoes for Men
Facedown any opponent in the men's GEL-ROCKET™ 9 indoor sports shoe by ASICS. With forefoot GEL™ tec..
Adidas Court Stabil Non-Marking Teens Shoes
Fly towards the goal like a pro with the adidas Court Stabil shoes. The shoes are made to pass defen..
Tru CushionMaximum Shock AbsorptionQuick Compression RecoveryIts high resilience ensures Yonex insol..
Adidas Wucht P3 Badminton Shoes
₹ 4,999 ₹ 2,749
Blending high technology crafting and superior wearing comfort, this pair of 'Wucht P3' Badminton sh..
Yonex Power Cushion Plus 65X2 Wide Badminton Shoes
The Yonex Power Cushion 65 X2 wide badminton shoes are designed for competitive players wanting incr..
Yonex Power Cushion Plus 65 Z2 Badminton Shoes
Yonex Infinity Badminton Shoes
₹ 18,850 ₹ 13,999
Double Dial BOA Fit System: Create a precise fit from two simple dials. By analyzing the demands and..
Yonex Power Cushion Plus 65X MEN Badminton Shoes
Yonex 65X Men Badminton shoes with advanced cushioning called Power Cushion Plus. New POWER CUS..
Yonex All England 05 Junior Badminton Shoes
*** These shoes are for your Child (Junior).Yonex comes out with All England 05 Junior Badminton Sho..
Carlton England Club R10 Badminton Shoes
Carlton England Club R10 Men's Shoe is available in White & Blue Colour Combinations. They have ..
Victor A960-CQ Badminton Shoes
₹ 10,900 ₹ 7,650
Victor A960 is designed to surprise consumers with a visually stunning design. An all-around type pr..
Yonex  Comfort Advance 2 Badminton Shoes
The new Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Advance 2 has flexible upper with asymmetrical design and a curv..
LiNing Ranger TD 3 Professional Badminton Shoes
Seamless Design-No Stitching in Lining Ranger TD 3 gives comfort and Light Weight The Sole is b..
Yonex  Power Cushion 48 Badminton Shoes
Designed for low budget in search of quality, the Yonex Power Cushion 48 will bring you the sup..
Yonex come out with Yonex Hydroforce 2 Badminton Shoe with Transparent Sole to better stability and ..
Yonex Power Cushion Plus 65Z MEN Badminton Shoes
Yonex Badminton shoes with advanced cushioning called Power Cushion Plus. New POWER CUSHION + c..
Yonex Power Cushion 65R2 Badminton Shoes
Dominate the court with sure-footed confidence and explosive power in Yonex 65R2 shoes. These shoes ..
Victor Soar BR Badminton Shoes
₹ 5,900 ₹ 4,199
VICTOR has come up with an ultimate light and breathable shoe – SOAR. SOAR is simple, highly breatha..
Yonex Power Cushion 36 Wide Badminton Shoes
Affordable wide fit shoe Yonex 36w with reliable traction and cushioning for the feet and joints. ..
Yonex  Eclipsion Z Men Badminton Shoes
Remarkably improved stability and fit in Yonex Eclipsion Z Mens. Give yourself the confide..
Yonex  Eclipsion X Badminton Shoes
₹ 10,490 ₹ 7,375
Newly designed upper provides remarkably improved fit and stability in Yonex Eclipsion X Badminton S..
Yonex  Eclipsion Z WIDE Badminton Shoes
Give yourself the confidence that comes with Yonex's highest-stability badminton shoe ever i.e Eclip..
Yonex SHB Comfort Z MEN Badminton Shoes - BLACK
Snug fit Badminton shoes with ultimate cushioning equipped with the POWER CUSHION throughout the ent..
LiNing Ranger Pro Advanced Badminton Shoes
Research Team spent more than 300 days to Develop and innovate this Gloove technology. After th..
Yonex SHB 03ZM - LCW Badminton Shoes - Yellow/Blue
A key feature of all Yonex footwear, the Yonex power cushion absorbs shock then reverses the impact ..
Yonex Aero Comfort Badminton Shoes
Poor Cushioning or Less Cushioning is the things of the past, now Yonex Brings a Comfort Cushioning ..
LiNing Elite Badminton Shoes
₹ 4,990 ₹ 3,190
FEATURES- CUSHION- SeamLess- INSOLE CUSHION- Extra-Wider- Breathable- Shock Absorbsion- Anti Slip- T..
Yonex Power Cushion Lumio All Court Shoes
Sturdy and stable, the Yonex Lumio shoes will be a comfortable option for recreational pla..
Yonex comes out with more advanced Yonex Court Ace Matrix 2 Badminton Shoe to a better stability on ..
Yonex Power Cushion AerusDash All Court Shoes
Get to the ball in a flash in the Power Cushion Aerus Dash! This lightweight performance shoe i..
LiNing Attack Badminton Shoes
₹ 3,290 ₹ 1,999
FeaturesBreathableEVA Sole BoardExtra WiderTPU InsertShock AbsorptionAnti-SLIPSole AbrasionCushionPe..
Yonex SHB Aerus 3 Badminton Shoes
₹ 11,150 ₹ 8,249
Yonex Co., Ltd. is proud to release of its SECOND version of lightest badminton shoe ever — about 27..
After Successful Super Ace Light, Super Ace 03 Badminton shoes, Once Again Yonex come out ..
₹ 5,999 ₹ 4,499
₹ 3,750 ₹ 2,599
₹ 6,499 ₹ 4,490
₹ 5,900 ₹ 4,199
₹ 10,490 ₹ 7,375
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Buy Badminton Shoes Online On SportsUncle

Badminton has emerged as one of the most liked Racket Sport in India. Especially after the emergence of players like P.V. Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, Srikanth Kidambi & Ashwini Ponnappa who have inspired many youngsters to pursue Badminton as their career.

Badminton is a fast game and requires players to move quickly and make quick directional changes. Like every other game, Badminton also needs proper equipment which includes racket, shuttlecock, dress & the most important a good pair of badminton shoes which should easily provide the wearer with agility, flexibility, and comfort while playing the game.

Badminton court shoes are different than other sports shoes as they are specifically designed to lower the center of gravity resulting in lesser chances of injuries. They have thin soles for this purpose while normal sports shoes are made using thick soles. So if you are looking for a wide range of badminton shoes Yonex, lining, Asics, Adidas, Nivia, Nike, Victor for men or women then buy here on SportsUncle at best price.

How To Select The Right Badminton Shoe?

It is very important to select the right pair of badminton shoes to maximize performance during the game and reducing the risk of injury. Below are some of the qualities that need to be taken care of while buying badminton shoes:-

  1. Traction & Grip
  2. Good Cushioning
  3. Lightweight

Traction & Grip

Also, the definition of good badminton shoes differs as per the court you are playing on. Like

  1. Cement Courts - You can play with normal rubber soled shoes.

  2. Wood or PU courts - One can play with badminton shoes having a gum rubber sole which provides high levels of grip and traction. However, there is a problem with this kind of shoes as their soles easily accumulate dust which affects the grip a lot. In order to avoid it, you must carry a small moisturized towel using which you can clean the sole on regular intervals. Also, you should make sure that you are only using badminton shoes while you are playing on the court.


Another very important aspect to look after while choosing badminton shoe is it's cushioning. As badminton is a fast-paced game and requires the player to move & quickly change direction, proper cushion in the shoe helps absorb the impact and prevents injuries. Those feel less cushioning in their shoes, can add silicon insoles or silicon heel cups for better cushioning.


Badminton shoes need to be lighter so that movement is easier and doesn't cause any injury while quick movement and directional changes. There are several technologies integrated into the badminton shoes available in the market such as:-

MsLite - Shoes with this technology are light weighted and helps fast footwork. They are durable as well.

Lateral Claw – This helps with added power and quicker foot movement in the game.

Hexagrip Sole – This is made up of a newly developed material which is comparatively lighter than others and also provides better gripping which helps with stable footwork.

Super MsLite – This is lighter than the MsLite mentioned above. It is made up of polymer based material. It highly enhances performance.

Round Soles – These soles are highly comfortable especially under the foot. This also helps maximize the transfer of body energy into movements around the court.

Here are a few more points that one should keep in mind when planning to buy a badminton shoe.

  1. Shoes That Fit right – If that’s not the case then your feet will move inside causing friction resulting into blisters.

  2. Let Your Shoes “Season” – Sports shoes loosen a bit after you wear them a few times. So if you are wearing the right size badminton shoe and feel that it’s little tight don’t go for next size. Bear with it for few days and it will fit well.

Non-Marking Shoes for Badminton

Many of the first timers hear this term for the first time when they visit Professional Badminton Court/Premises. You will not be allowed to enter if you are not wearing “Non-Marking Badminton Shoes”. Basically, these shoes don’t leave any mark/scratch on Synthetic Turfs or Wooden Courts. Also, you are requested to wear the shoes only at the Venue and not to walk in with the shoes as that may leave mark on the court.

Non-Marking badminton shoes are needed in order to avoid damage (scratch/shoe marks) to the playing surface. It makes the turf look bad as well as lowers the quality of play. Regular shoes have a tough sole which would definitely leave marks so in order to avoid it nonmarking shoes are needed. These shoes don’t come with a soft sole and is also very comfortable. Mostly these shoes come with non-black sole however if you like black, you will find plenty of them.

How To Find If your Shoes has a Non-Marking sole?

Below are two easy ways to find out whether the shoes you have are non-marking shoes or not. Here's the article which helps you in understanding non-marking shoes in a much better way.

1.      Press the sole of your shoes with your fingernails and if the sole gets dented then your shoe is Non Marking as it has soft sole & wouldn’t leave any mark on the surface.

2.      Place a white paper on the floor and rub your shoe sole on it. Check out the paper, if there are no scuff marks then you have badminton shoes nonmarking which will not cause any damage to the badminton court surface.

Non-Marking Badminton Shoes are not just a requirement in Badminton but in most of the sports. Not only it helps keep the court safe but is also comfortable and durable. Looking for Best sports shoes for your child then read here.

SportsUncle has a variety of badminton shoes available in different color, sizes, brands etc. If you are a beginner then you can go for Nivia, Proase who manufactures budget badminton shoes.

But if you are Intermediate or a Professional player then you must go for Yonex or Lining Badminton Shoes. They are made keeping comfort and durability. These shoes enhance your gameplay as well. So what are you waiting for? Now as you have all the information you can buy badminton shoes online on at best price. We have a wide range of Badminton shoes which is tested for quality, durability, and comfort.