All cricket balls are not the same but mostly look the same. So, you need an online store which takes care of the selection of the best cricket ball (white ball, pink ball or red) and tennis ball. Quality and not the quantity.

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Choosing Cricket Ball Online in India: Its Bible

A lot of people feel every leather cricket ball gives the same user experience.

Before opting for a cricket ball in an online store in India, the first thing you should ask yourself is what they would be used for.

Would they be used to train? Play recreational cricket? Or league matches?

If the cricket balls you intend to buy online are going to be used in a competitive match in a league, it is essential to find out the regulation the governing body of the league has laid out.

The league must have already chosen the specimen of the cricket balls they will use. You can follow the weight and size to buy that cricket ball online, and get it delivered to your house in India.

The size of your budget is another factor that should be considered when buying that cricket ball online in India. It has been shown by even experts in India that the more one invests in a cricket ball, the better the ball will turn out. Cheap balls should be avoided because they are mostly made from substandard products that are not safe for use.

What Are Cricket Balls Made From?

Typical leather cricket ball bought online and used in many matches have a core, seam, and leather cover. The core has about four layers of cork strips held together tightly by a string.

The core ensures the cricket ball has a shape and bounce. The next part of the cricket ball is the leather outer. This makes up the outer layer as it is crafted from quality leather that is dyed and then cut into about four or two pieces that are pieced together. A key indicator that a cricket ball is of high quality is the stitching done around the seam.

After all, parts are coupled, the cricket balls are polished using thin layers of polish, while the cheaper cricket balls are heaped with lacquer to ensure they last longer, though the lacquer may affect the cricket ball's bounce.

How to Choose The Best Cricket Ball Online?

Various cricket balls exist online, and one of them is the leather ball.

Before buying the cricket balls online, note that these leather cricket balls are made with string and cork in their middle, and covered by leather. An adult size ball weighs about five and a half ounces and is known to do any amount of damage when sent flying very quickly.

It is loved because it is capable of flying some miles when hit by a batsman properly. The junior teams have smaller leather balls that can be held in their smaller hands and can be bought online too.

This ball can be selected for a match, and it is necessary while buying it not to buy the cheapest because it can damage the cricket bats and the players. It is necessary to buy this ball from a genuine online store.

The other kind is a colored cricket ball. These colored balls are also loved by those in India and are commonly used. This colored ball can be bought online, as it became popular because of the pajama cricket, a brand of cricket, where colored kits are used.

 When buying the colored ball online in India, ensure that you don't go for the low-quality ones that are the cheapest. It is of importance to patronize the best online cricket ball store. While selecting this, ensure that the colored ball can be seen when placed before your club’s sight screens. If your club uses a white screen, avoid a white cricket ball.

The other brand of cricket balls used by kids- the soft and training balls can also be bought online. These balls are used by juniors, and are great for kids, especially when they want to work on their hand-eye coordination. These cricket balls should also be bought in a reputable online store. It is advisable that adults use the match balls and not softballs to ensure they get a feel for how it will be on the field. Getting the right cricket ball, for the right purpose, color, quality and fits your budget can be a Herculean task.

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