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Brand: Carlton
Model: Kinesis Rapid
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Weight Avg. 90 gms
Stringing Advice20-28 lbs
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Carlton Kinesis Rapid Badminton Racket

The Carlton Kinesis Raid Badminton Racket is designed for players to attack with high force using a short swing. Unlike the Kinesis Ultra the Rapid has a Stiff shaft as opposed to a Ultra Stiff shaft making shuttle control easier and 5grms heavierfor an even deeper smash.

The design makes the racket light and maneuverability this allows greater control in rapid fast flat exchanges and when recovering fast smashes. Overhead shots are effortless due to the balanced feel of the racket and the maneuverability allows quick deception.

Kinesis - 90 degree twists at 2, 5, 7 and 10 o'clock to reduce weight and acts to increase swing speed with the Vortex Geometry.

Vortex Geometry - A new design of the racket head to help improve the aerodynamics of the racket throughout the whole swing. Most rackets are designed with excellent aerodynamics in a single plane, the Vortex System is designed to have excellent speed through a whole rotation.

Circometric - An oval shaped head that provides better aerodynamics than an isometric head allowing faster swing speeds. The more compact hitting area gives extra feel and touch on the shuttle.

Xtreme Tension Frame - Attention to detail and high quality materials ensure that Carlton rackets are safe to be strung at higher tensions.

Micro Grommet System - Smaller tapered edge grommets that sit in a groove in the frame reduce aerodynamic drag by allowing the string to sit closer to the frame.

Pro V12 Grommets - Small flexible grommets that allow greater string movement to increase the power the centre crosses can generate.

Japanese HM Carbon - A Hi Modulus top of the range carbon that is a consistently high quality providing durability and stability.

Ultra-Lite Cap - A re-design of the traditional cap to reduce the racket weight as much as possible. The new cap is perforated to reduce its weight by 28%.

Balance - Even
Shaft Construction - Japanese Carbon
Length - 675mm
Head Shape - Optimetric

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If you order the Grip, then it will be shipped separately in a corrugated box. The grip will not be applied over the racket to avoid the removal of Barcode/MRP and other useful information. This also helps in understanding that the product is new and unused. Grip color will be assorted/Random, no specific color will be provided.

If you select this option of Custom Stringing, then Racket will be Stringed with the selected string @ maximum 25lbs (if racket supports) otherwise whichever maximum tension racket supports. We don't provide the facility of stringing more than 25 lbs to avoid any transit shock damage.

If you are looking for higher tension then we suggest you to strung at your end.

There is NO Warranty/Replacement of the strings which break during the play either that's your first shot or 10th game.

** Custom Stringing Rackets required 2 days extra time for shipping and such orders can't be cancelled once placed.