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Best Football Shoes Online on Sportsuncle

All sports have their different types of shoes to suit the game. Football players wear football shoes.

Football shoes are a very important part of a football player’s ensemble. This is because all football games involve a lot of running around the field. Football boots are made with extra detail to make them more suitable for the sport. Football shoes often have studs beneath them to give better grip. For sports like soccer where kicking the ball is the main activity, players need the best football shoes for the game and for rugby, players also need the best shoes for the type of game. As a football player who needs the right shoe to play football, there are a number of options to choose from. You can also buy these football shoes online.

Types of Football shoes

•        Sneakers or Plastic stud boot: These shoes with molded soles are mostly worn by soccer players because they are suitable for hard pitches. For very grassy or sodden pitches, screw in studs are better for more grip.
•        Rubber sole boots: For indoor football, rubber sole indoor boots are more suitable. These boots are made for firm grounds which makes movement easier.
•        Screw-in stud: These shoes are mostly used in rugby, especially for the positions of hooker, lock and pro where more grip is required.
•        Blade studs: Blade studs are specially designed boots with molded soles facing in different directions. This shoe maximizes grip and minimizes ankle injury.

Football boot brands

Originally football boots were only made in black but as the years went by, shoe brands began making football boots in different colors such as red, green, blue, purple, white, gold, yellow, pink and even some in multicolor. Popular football boot brand includes:

•        Nike: Hypervenoms, Magistas, Tiempos and The Nike Mercurial.
•        Sega: Classic, Elegant, Spectra
•        Nivia: Encounter, Dominator