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Best Body Composition Monitor Available on Sportsuncle

 A body composition monitor is a device used to check the percentage of a person’s body composition. What is a body’s composition? In terms of physical fitness, body composition is the percentage of how much fat, water, muscle, and bones a person has in his/her body. While carrying out physical fitness exercises, it is essential that you know more than just how much you weigh but also your body’s composition. This is what a body composition monitor is for. A body composition monitor makes use of the Bioelectrical Impendence (BI) method to calculate body fat.

The Difference between a Weight Machine and a Body Composition Monitor

Despite the fact that both devices can be used to measure weight, they are both different in how they function. A weight machine can be used to measure the weight of a person or an object, while a body composition monitor is designed specially to carry out measurements only on a person. Also, a weight machine only measures a person’s weight while a body composition monitor shows the percentage of visceral fat, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism and body mass.

  Who can use the body composition monitor?

Almost everyone can make use of a body composition monitor. If you are working out and you want to ensure you are losing the right amount of fat or if you want to find out how much fat you have, the body composition monitor can help you do so. Also if you simply just want to know your body composition, then the device can show you the percentages.

The category of people who shouldn’t use a body composition monitor without a doctor’s help first are people with cardiac pacemakers. This is because a body composition monitor sends a weak signal through the body. With a pacemaker on, it could lead to some problems.

  Why is a Body Composition Monitor Better than Weighing Machines?

Weighing machines are more like manual machines for measuring weight and that is all the feature they provide.

A body composition monitor provides information on more than just a person’s weight. For an overweight or obese person working out to lose some fat, a body composition monitor is more appropriate. This is because, in the process of losing fat, the workout has to be gradual and balanced. A body composition monitor shows the person working out the body component he/she is losing and at what rate.

Asides from an overweight person, any physical fitness process is best measured with a body composition monitor. A body composition monitors show the weight, resting metabolism, skeletal muscle percentage, body age and the body mass index (BMI).

A weighing machine only shows the weight. This could turn out to be dangerous when a person constantly works out without checking how much percentage of the body’s composition is being reduced. The person could be losing the wrong body composition and not find out because a weighing machine does not show this. A body composition monitor does this and more.