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Exercising is a great way for a person to stay fit and healthy. People work out for different reasons. Some people work out only to stay fit, some people work out to burn fat and other people work out to have their bodies take a particular shape.

In fitness workouts, there are some exercise machines which helps make the work out process better. When carrying out fitness exercises to lose some weight, stay fit or to even add-on some weight in the right areas, you need these machines to show you how much progress you are making. Or if you are doing your workouts the right way. These machines include the weight machine and the body composition monitor.

Weight machine: A weight machine, also called a weighing machine, is a device which is designed to measure weight. Weighing machines are machines which can be used to check the weight of a person or an item. Weight machines are available in markets, supermarkets, post offices, hospitals, and homes.

These machines determine weight by measuring the amount of force which exists between the object being weighed and the planet earth. Weighing machines measure force and give measurements of a mass in kilograms, grams and pounds. Weight machines are the most popular devices used to check how much a person weighs, simply because they are smaller and cheaper.

Types of Weight Machine or Weighing Machine

When working out to achieve a particular purpose, it is important that you have a machine which you can use to check your weight. Some years ago, there was only one option to do this which is the manual weight scale. But as the years went by, technologies have been invented to provide us with other ways to check how much we weigh, which is the digital scale.

Manual weight machine: This weighing device or weighing scale is referred to as manual because it works with springs and balances. The spring balance calculates the weight of a person or item on the spring while a pair of scales makes use of a balance beam to make a comparison of the masses by balancing the weight. The maximum weighing capacity of a manual weight machine is about 120kg. Manual weight machines are quite popular in markets and supermarkets.

Digital weight machine: A digital weight machine is a more advanced form of weight machine from the manual one. A digital weight machine is an electronic weighing machine which is used for measuring many readings. Digital weight machine is often used by a lot of people to measure their weights. A digital weighing machine has a 150kg weighing capacity. They also have extra features such as fitness tracking, smartphone integration and cloud storage.

Accuracy in Weight Machines

Scientists and researchers have concluded that in terms of accuracy, digital weight machine gives more accurate results than manual weight machines.

Manual weighing machines do not give accurate results. Due to the fact that it functions mechanically, the accuracy of the result will most likely vary. Digital weight machines, on the other hand, gives a fixed and accurate result despite how many times you weight that same object.