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Brand: Carlton
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Carlton Vapour Trail Tour Badminton Racket - 80g

Carlton Vapour Trail Tour (lightweight and with more durability) is the Sept 2018 Launch.

  • Xtreme Tension Frame
  • Bi-Axial Dynamics
  • Anti Twist Joint
  • Wide Body V Frame
  • Micro Grommet System
  • Ti Wire Shaft
  • Aeroflex

This racket has been engineered to provide characteristics for players wanting to play with an equal balance of offensive and defensive tactics. The blend of technology and specification including Optimetric head shape, Pro V12 Grommets, Bi-Axial Dynamics and Aeroflex top cap delivers a profile of power and greater shot accuracy for the player that demands all-round performance. The racket of choice for Olympic Silver Medallist Nathan Robertson.

The Carlton Vapour Trail Tour badminton racket is a high-grade racket made of strong materials and with a solid performance on every level. Not only does this racket provide you a good control of the shuttle, you can also produce powerful strikes with it. The balance (weight distribution) of this racket is 'even' (uniform). The flexibility is medium. This makes the Vapour Trail Tour racket from Carlton suitable for the player with an all-round playing style.

Strong material

This Carlton Racket from the Vapour Trail series is made of Vectran. The handle, as well as the frame of the Vapour Trail Tour, consist of this synthetic fiber. Vectran is five times stronger than steel. This racket only weighs 80 grams. The length of this badminton racket is 67.5 centimeters.

Blade shape: Optimetric

The Carlton Vapour Trail Tour has an optimetric racket blade. This is a blade shape which falls in between the classical blade shape and the isometric blade shape. An optimetric racket blade is an oval with somewhat flatted endings. Although these endings are not as flat as the isometric shape. An optimetric blade shape combines the properties of both shapes: the big sweet spot of the isometric racket blade and the control and high speed of the classical racket blade. The sweet spot is the place on the blade where you hit the shuttle best and where the effort you make with your hit gives the highest possible effect.

Frame: Japanese HM Carbon
Balance - Head Heavy
Flex - Medium
Length - 675 mm
Grip Size - 3 1/8

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