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Brand: Flypower
Model: Thunder bolt
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Weight / Grip Size(Avg. 86 gms) G4
Stringing Advice22-30 lbs
Cover IncludedYes 

Flypower Thunderbolt Badminton Racket

Material : HM Graphite
Length : 675 mm
BP (mm ) : 285 mm
Weight : 86 g
String Tension : 22-30 lbs
Shaft Stiffness : 8.5
Frame Section : Complex Frame
Grommets : 76 Holes

Original Racket with 3D Hologram Sticker

When a racquet is made of resin and graphite alone, it is called 100% graphite, even though it is at least 40% resin. If other materials are used, the frame is called a composite. 

What is High Modulus Graphite?

Basically, it’s just high tech toast burning. You start with, get this, acrylic sweater yarn, and pull it through a series of high-temperature toasters ranging from 1000-3000 degrees centigrade. Depending on how long and how hot you toast, you burn off everything but carbon. The more you burn, the purer the carbon. The fibers are also pulled during heating to align the molecules in the same direction. The degree of purity and alignment add up to the magnitude of the modulus. And of course, more heat means more energy which means more cost.

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