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Brand: Gray Nicolls
Model: Dyna drive Gn7
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Gray Nicolls DynaDrive GN7 Scoop English Willow Cricket Bat

The Gray Nicolls DynaDrive GN7 Scoop cricket bat is expertly handcrafted with the finest quality English Willow. The superior quality of the English Willow used in this bat ensures optimal performance and maximum durability, providing players with a long-lasting, reliable cricket bat that is perfect for both amateur and professional use.

The DynaDrive GN7 scoop cricket bat is made to have great power and balance, so players can hit the ball with a lot of force and accuracy. With its large sweet spot and lightweight design, this cricket bat allows players to swing with ease and achieve their best performance on the field. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a beginner, the DynaDrive GN7 is the perfect choice for any cricket player looking to improve their game.  

The GN DynaDrive GN7 cricket bat not only performs very well, but it also has a comfortable grip and a stylish look. The handle is made to be easy to hold, so players can keep control of the bat even when the game gets intense. The stylish design of the bat also adds a touch of flair to your cricket game, making you stand out on the field, reducing the weight of the bat without compromising its durability, and helping you feel confident as you play.

Dyna Drive GN7 is a Grade 1, English willow round handle cricket bat.

Grains - 6-7 grains

Weight - 1080-1150 gm

Edges - 39-40 mm

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