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Brand: Mizuno
Model: Caliber SPRO
Origin: PRC
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₹ 7,199 ₹ 11,999
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Weight / Grip Size 4U (Avg 84g)/G5
Strung / Tension NO / 22-30 lbs
Shaft / Flex Japan HMG T40 / Medium
Cover  Yes 

Mizuno Caliber S Pro Badminton Racket

The ‘V’ Frame is thinner than standard racquet frames. This Technology reduces vibration as it disperses the impact more evenly around the frame, allowing more controlled and accurate delivery during aggressive stroke play in Mizuno Caliber S PRO.

A Racket for Professionals.

Hot Melt Tech

The graphite sheets are heated at a higher temperature to further eliminate the impurities during the initial manufacturing process. This results in a smoother more consistent coating that not only strengthens the frame but enhances the aerodynamics of the graphite thus increasing the racket's velocity.

High Foam System

Strengthening the external frame while still keeping the flexibility of the inner frame. By using a special molding technology, EVA foam is used on the internal of the frame.

This construction enables the frame to absorb shock when hitting the shuttlecock and offers more power.

Length - 675 mm
Flex - Medium
Maximum Tension -30 lbs
Balance - Head Heavy

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