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Brand: Mizuno
Model: Speed flex 9.1
Origin: PRC
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Weight / Grip Size 4U (Avg 82g)/G5
Strung / Tension NO / 22-30 lbs
Shaft / Flex Japan Ultra Carbon / Medium
Cover  Yes

Mizuno Speedflex 9.1 Badminton Racket

Slim Aerodynamic Frame profile of Mizuno Speedflex 9.1 significantly reduces the amount of drag and maximizes racket head speed impact.

Tapered Shaft

A revolutionary shaft construction, it is tapered down from 7.5mm at the top cap to 6.5mm at the T-Joint, allowing great flex on impact, minimizing shock to the wrist, and has twice the force of restoration than the average shaft, resulting in superior resiliency, generating higher repulsion power and shuttlecock return speed.

Hot Melt Tech

The graphite sheets are heated at a higher temperature to further eliminate the impurities during the initial manufacturing process. This results in a smoother more consistent coating that not only strengthens the frame but enhances the aerodynamics of the graphite thus increasing the racquets velocity.

Length - 675 mm
Flex - Medium
Maximum Tension -30 lbs
Construction - Japanese Ultra Carbon

Balance - Balanced

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