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Best Badminton Rackets at the Lowest Price

Badminton is one of the most popular games in India. People of all ages play it as it only needs two people and is relatively easy and entertaining. Badminton also helps you burn extra calories while you enjoy your game. 

At SportsUncle, we have more than the top 10 Brands of Rackets, including LiNing, Mizuno, Carlton, Head, Gosen, Apacs & Yonex Badminton. The head is a well-known company for making tennis rackets. So if you are looking for a website to buy the best badminton racquet online or a good badminton racket, then you are in the right place. At the best price, you will get all kinds of badminton rackets, whether for kids or adult players. We have also posted a badminton racket guide online and top badminton rackets to choose the correct racket per your needs.

Buy Yonex Badminton Rackets, Lining Rackets, Apacs Badminton at SportsUncle

We have rackets available for amateurs, to Professionals, kids & families, and from almost all top brands on our website. You can use LiNing Badminton & Yonex Badminton Rackets for better control, accuracy, and comfort. These are high-performance badminton rackets, but other companies like Carlton badminton Racket, Ashaway rackets, Victor and Apacs rackets are also not far behind. New brands are giving tough competition to top badminton racket brands in price and racket technologies that support high string tension. All badminton racquets online on Sportsuncle come with a full cover.

We list only Genuine quality best badminton racquets from good brands and provide them at an unbeatable price. 

So get your favourite badminton racket at an unbelievable price and start enjoying the game with your loved ones. Unfortunately, we don't offer to Try and Buy service, sportsuncle never takes used products back, and neither sold used ones. You can always be sure that on Sportsuncle you will get a Genuine and New badminton racket and properly sanitized goods.

What Type of Badminton Player Are You?

This is the first and the most important question you should ask yourself before purchasing a badminton bat. First, are you a professional? Are you buying it to play as an Indian professional badminton player? There are rackets made for professionals and those made for people who want to feel the game.

These are two different circumstances. Second, you should know your abilities as per speed, accuracy, and swerve. Different badminton racquets are made for different purposes. Do you require lightweight feather rackets to manoeuvre faster in doubles or a normal-weight badminton racket with extra smash power that helps you in both offensive and defensive play?

Doesn't matter which type of player you are but don't forget the Cool Down exercises and Badminton exercises to improve your performance.

How to select the Right Racket?

Badminton Racket selection is an essential aspect of your game as it may make or break your game. Many of you may have faced this situation while planning to buy a racket. That's why it's advisable to know " How to select the correct badminton racket " and which are  5 essential badminton equipment so that you don't make the same mistake again.

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Rackets come in various sizes and weights, and you need to know about them before you buy them. Badminton racquets are made using strong fiber, which is weaved together in a pattern to achieve consistency and is connected to an ellipse with the help of rivets. The rackets have a grip at the lower end, preventing them from slipping from your palm once it is sweaty while playing. Also, if you see excess sweat or want better hold, you can use additional or  Alien pros badminton racket grip.

Apart from all the points mentioned below, you can decide on the best badminton racket for yourself as you know your game better than anyone else. You can try and decide which badminton racket fits your game style, which is the best racket weight, and racket string as per your style. 

Here is a quick guide on how to select the right badminton racket.

1. Playing Frequency

This is the first and critical point when deciding on the right badminton racket. Here are the three categories based on playing frequency. See which category you fit into as that will help you select the right racquet. 

•  Occasional Players  - If you fall into this category, you should go for lightweight even balance rackets with an isometric head shape. Head badminton put such rackets under Airflow series, Lining under Superlight, Carlton under Ultralite, and so on. 

•  Regular Players  - People in this category need a power racket with a balance point at the head. 

•  Intensive Players  - These are generally professional players who are serious about his/her game. They look for better control, Shaft Flexibility while selecting the badminton racket and if fitness allowed then they can go over 28 lbs tension of the strings.

2. Racket Composition

Rackets are classified into categories based on their make. 

•  Steel Rackets  - These are a good value for money and are mainly used by beginner players. These are heavy & are not that comfortable to play badminton with. 

•  Aluminum Rackets  - These rackets are very strong and are also lighter compared to steel rackets. Also, flexibility is great.

•  Graphite/Carbon Rackets  - These are high-end rackets and are generally used by professionals. They are highly flexible, lightweight & very comfortable while playing badminton. In high-end rackets, Toray Japan Graphite fibres are used to make the racket stronger.

3. Racket Balance Point

Rackets are divided into categories again based on their balance point. Take a look at the detail below.  

• Head Heavy - This gives you power and helps send the shuttle a longer distance. Yonex Astrox series is very popular for the smashes.

• Even Balanced - These are good for intermediate players, especially those who can still figure out their strengths and weaknesses in the game. These rackets provide a perfect balance between power and control.

• Light Head - It gives you the best control but will not help much with power. 

Will I select the badminton racket according to the Coach's Guidance?

These days, badminton coaching academies are open everywhere, in big cities, almost in every area; search for badminton coaching near me on Google. You will find the closest one, so badminton coaches are making a lot of money in this. Because many coaches just opened their sports shop in the academy and recommended only what they have or better profit shuttle racket. Big brands endorse some academies and do not allow you to use other brands' products or call any brand inferior.    

Suppose your coach not telling the difference between the rackets while selecting your dream badminton racket or says that a badminton shop or sports store is selling fake badminton bats or don't buy badminton racquets online as you get only fake/costly without explaining the correct way to find out at own what's original and what's fake.  What's the difference in badminton racquets on the point of the balance point, frame material, origin, professional player's rackets, or intermediate rackets? We don't recommend taking any guidance from that coach because that's just trying to make money from what they sell or not much knowledge.

Here we write an article on how to find Genuine sports equipment to bust the various myths. Also Read: Top 10 Myths of Badminton Game

Will I go for the Normal Racket or Training Racket as I am just starting?

Training rackets are the same as normal ones, except they are much heavier, so you get your basics right.

1. Beginners perform a forehand stroke by merely 'touching' the shuttle. By doing this, you won't be able to generate much power. When playing with a training racket, it's harder to generate power for your stroke by simply 'touching' the shuttle. You'll realize that a  complete swing is necessary to bring the shuttle from baseline to baseline in such situations.

2. When working with training rackets, you'll learn to avoid tensing your muscles. Only when your muscles are relaxed, you'll be able to perform a full swing with good wrist action.

3. When your muscles are relaxed, you'll be able to perform a larger swing as your shoulder mobility increases. You will also get to perform maximum wrist action for more accurate shots.

4. Badminton training rackets are very useful in helping you warm up your wrist. If time permits, you can always stroke with a partner before starting a game using a training racket

Right String Tension for your Badminton Racket

When you read the word tension, don't compare it with mental tension, it's about the String bed (tightness) in lbs/kg. There is a common misconception if your badminton racket has a higher tension then your level of the game is better or improved, so these days newbies talking about the 30lbs - 32lbs in the badminton racket, which is absolutely wrong. Such high tensions in badminton racquets are for those who are going to play international level tournaments and not for hobbyists or normal players.

Just remember higher the tension, the more power you have to use from your shoulder to hit the shuttle from your badminton racket because there is no flexibility left in the string bed. Chances of breakage in your badminton racket are higher, as shuttle smash can hit the frame of your badminton racket by the cork and badminton racquets survival chances are 50-50 either that's a cheapest badminton racket or any advanced best graphite racket from big brand with the latest durable materials. The only benefit of higher tension in the badminton racket is you will get better control. 

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