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Carlton Midi Blade 4.5 Junior Badminton Racket (Pack of 2)
Package Contains 2 Carlton Junior RacketsThe ISOMETRIC frame shape is designed to keep ver..
Carlton Midi Blade 4.5 Junior Badminton Racket
The ISOMETRIC frame shape is designed to keep vertical strings at a similar length, a..
Yonex Arcsaber Tour 1000 Badminton Racket - Made in Japan
The Arcsaber Tour 1000 badminton racket is developed and made in JAPAN. YONEX Nanoscience achie..
Apacs Vanguard 11 Badminton Racket
The Apacs Vanguard 11 racket has a very similar design as the Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton racke..
Mizuno JPX 8 Power Badminton Racket
By careful recalibration, the JPX 8 Power's frame is compressed to provide a wider frame with steepe..
Mizuno Duralite EX Badminton Racket
Duralite EX is the lightest racket ever of Mizuno for the ability to flexibly manage in all the most..
Adidas Spieler E08.1 Schock Badminton Racket
The Adidas Spieler E08.1 Schock in the new 2019 offering from Adidas and this is available in two co..
Karakal Nano 68 Badminton String
The highly compressed multifilament core braided with high tensile super fine multi-microfibres are ..
Adidas Spieler P09.1 Badminton Racket - 84g - Shuttle Detonator
The Spieler P09.1 a Shuttle Detonator is the perfect choice for social/club players looking to take ..
Adidas Uberschall F1 Badminton Racket
The Uberschall range of rackets is the fastest in the Adidas stable. Uberschall literally means 'Sup..
Babolat Babol Color
₹ 999 ₹ 799
Babol Color Stencil ink applicator makes it easy to apply a stencil to your racquet with its felt ti..
Lining LN66 Extreme Badminton String - Assorted
The Thin string with only 0.66mm diameter, providing higher repulsion power plus clear hitting sound..
Adidas Uberschall F2 Badminton Racket - Speed Demon
The Uberschall range of rackets is the fastest in the Adidas stable. Uberschall literally means 'Sup..
Yonex 1279 Round Neck Tshirt
₹ 1,449 ₹ 1,167
Look cool and trendy wearing this round neck badminton Tshirt from the house of Yonex. The dot-net f..
Head Tenor X Badminton Racket - Wave Frame
The HEAD Tenox X Badminton racket having a Hyper Wave Frame and using a Bantam Technology with Seria..
Head Airflow 1000 Badminton Racket - 69g
The HEAD Airflow 1000 Badminton racket weighs only 69g and lightest of all in the Head Badminton but..
Yonex Tru3D TruDry  Limited Edition Cushion Support Socks
Yonex Introduce Tru3D TruDry Cushion socks for the fans of designer socks from the house of YonexFir..
Adidas Spieler A09.1 Badminton Racket - 84g
The Spieler A09 is the perfect choice for social/club players looking to take their game to the next..
Yonex TruDry Copper Infused Socks Regular Length (pack of 5)
TruDRYCopper Infused YarnBreathableCoolingAnti BacterialAnti OdourPack of 3 Pair of Yonex Socks - 25..
The Yonex Comfort wristband is made of 70% cotton, 23% Polyester, 6% Elastodiene, 1% Elastane. Extra..
Karakal PU Touch Supergrip - Pack of 3 Grips
Karakal Pu Touch Supergrip has all the benefits of our number 1 selling PU Super Grip but is lighter..
Yonex 1426 Round Neck Tshirt
The fabric of this T-shirt for men is TruBreeze Stretch which ensures breathability, soft feel and u..
Yonex Active 82031 BEX Rectangle Badminton Kit Bag
Yonex bags are the perfect complement to your gear, Part of Yonex's Active 2Way Tournament Bag Serie..
Yonex Voltric 2 DG Slim Badminton Racket
Yonex Voltric 2DG Slim is made from Super High Elasticity High Modulus Graphite, making it possible ..
Yonex 42026 EX Badminton Kit Bag
₹ 4,850 ₹ 3,590
YONEX bags are designed to be comfortable and secure, with easy storage options, so you will never b..
Yonex Active 82026 EX Badminton Kit Bag
Yonex bags are the perfect complement to your gear, Part of Yonex's Active Racquet Bag Series, this ..
Yonex 42031 WEX Badminton Kit Bag
₹ 3,790 ₹ 2,790
YONEX bags are designed to be comfortable and secure, with easy storage options, so you will never b..
Providing cunningly easy handling and fast striking motion, the Yonex Nanoflare DRIVE badminton rack..
Adidas Spieler E Aktiv Badminton Racket
Designed for the improving social/club player, the E Aktiv 4U is a well balanced one-piece graphite ..
Yonex 82012 LEX Backpack with Shoes Pocket
Your bag is an essential part of your game, it is as much a part of your success as all the other eq..
Adidas Spieler F09.1 Badminton Racket - 77g
Extra-light 77g frame, aerodynamic and Micro Quad head geometry all adds to the attacking game. This..
Karakal B65 Badminton Racket - 65g
The Karakal B 65 ff is manufactured from one piece of FF Graphite with Thumb Print Top Cap accuracy ..
Karakal Black Zone 40 Badminton Racket
The BlackZone 40 is a great racket for offensive play, the thinner shaft design increases power to y..
Superjockk Dripping Lines Round Neck Tshirt
Superjockk printed on the front and back a solid T-Shirt exclusively developed through Rapid Dr..
Yonex Astrox Smash Badminton Racket
Yonex launched an Astrox Smash in Sep 2019, which weighs only 73gm and supports maximum tension as 2..
Adidas Stilistin W5 Badminton Racket
Adidas Stilistin W5 provides the Power of Touch to the player. A light touch, a quick flick of the w..
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Indians are known for their love of the sports Cricket. Due to this, there's a misconception that Indians only play that particular sport. However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Indians are great in a number of other sports activities such as golf, hockey, and badminton. Badminton ranks second after Cricket in India. In fact, there are a couple of Indians that have won Olympic medals, for competing in a Badminton game.

If you are a lover of this particular sport, there are a number of factors that come into play. First of all, finding the right equipment is key to an effective game. Without proper equipment, winning a game can be difficult. We have written an article on 5 Pieces of Essential badminton equipment.

Any badminton professional player or potential player knows that the main weapon is the badminton racket. Why? And where can you get quality rackets for the right price? First and foremost, let us look at some of the things to look out for when purchasing a badminton racket.

Four Things to Consider When Buying a Badminton Racket 

When playing a game of Badminton, your racket can determine if you’ll win or lose. Here in India, the badminton racket has been described as the most important equipment during a badminton game. Your swerve, your shot speed and accuracy, are some of the things your racket will influence during a badminton game. More precisely, it will determine how much threat you pose to your opponent, and how much response you can give to his game. We advise that you read our guide before purchasing any of the badminton rackets online. We believe there are things you should consider when buying a badminton racket. 

Here are the most important four considerations you should make:

What Type of Player Are You

This is the first and the most important question you should ask yourself before purchasing a badminton racket. First, are you a professional? Are you buying it to play as an Indian professional badminton player? There are rackets made for professionals and those made for people who just want to have a feel of the game. These are two different circumstances. Second, you should know your abilities as per speed, accuracy, and swerve. Different rackets are made for different purposes. Some will increase your precision in one area, but wouldn’t be great in other areas. Some are made to be average. Are you an Offensive, Defensive or All Court Player? Offensive player-who moves quickly and often, plays fast and deep strokes. The defensive player who moves quickly and often plays slow, long but deep strokes. All court player- who moves quickly but make his opponent run all over the court.  When you know the answers to these questions, then you should go ahead with the next consideration. 

The Racket Weight is Important

If you are a beginner, or you are trying just playing for fun, we advise that you purchase any of the lightweight rackets. These rackets are within the range of 85 to 90 grams. They are great for balance and are very easy to control. Whether you’re an Indian professional trying to catch fun at home, or a badminton fanatic, these kinds of rackets give you a quick stroke and easy recovery. You can outmatch your opponent with quick swerves and seamlessly switch to an entirely different stroke. If you want to excel in this game and like to start the game with training rackets within 100 to 140gm. The lightweight rackets on our website will help you avoid unnecessary pain or injuries around your wrists or shoulders. Racquet manufacturers like Yonex, Li-Ning uses 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U to indicate the weight of the racket. 6U-70-74.9, 5U- 75g-79.9g, 4U – 80-84.9g, 3U – 85-89.9g, 2U – 90-94.9g

Consider the Balance 

Badminton rackets can be classified based on balance. The balance of a badminton racket is the region where the racket weight is positioned. There are three rackets in this category. The Even rackets have even weight. The head-light rackets have their weight located around the racket handle. A headlight racket will give you more maneuverability, but less power. The head-heavy rackets have their weight around the head. A head heavy racket will give you more power due to the momentum generated from the heavier racket head, but less maneuverability. These rackets are not for everyone. Each player having own preference. Any racket with a balance point of 285-290mm (length measured from the bottom of the racket handle, without any replacement grip being applied) is considered a balanced racket, while anything lesser than that is considered headlight, and anything more is considered head heavy. Know what is good for you before buying a racket. Some good head heavy Rackets are Yonex Voltric 7DG, 10DG, 50 Etune, Astrox 77, ZForce II and many more.

Check for the Strings 

While this might be impossible when purchasing a racket online, you can check for this when buying from a local store. You can test the racket tension by pressing the strings tightly against your palm. You should be able to notice how far your palm sinks into the strings. Few good websites show product descriptions like the string tension on the badminton racket. Although your racket string tension is your choice, we recommend 22-24 lbs for those who are just starting out. Lowering your tension will give you more power, more comfort and will open up the sweet spot of your racquet. Increasing your tension will give you more control and allow you to generate your own power more (instead of the racquet or string doing it for you). A common mistake most people make is to string at too high of tension because of their ego.  Since it is harder to generate power at high tensions, the player will often use excessive force in order to generate power and may result in an injury to the shoulder or they may develop tennis elbow. It is recommended for beginners to use thicker strings like BG65 since thinner strings are easier to break from mis-hits like Aerosonic.

These 4 points will help you in selecting a correct racket.