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Brand: Li-Ning
Model: Swift X 100
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₹ 399 ₹ 869
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Cap Color Blue Cap
Speed Slow
Type Nylon
Package Contains 1 Box (6 Shuttles)

Lining Swift X100 Blue Cap Shuttlecock - Yellow

  • Lining Swift X 100 Hybrid Nylon Shuttles is specially engineered nylon Shuttlecock empowered with a unique Hybrid base cork Precisely designed & manufactured for accurate sound & durable performance
  • Swift X 100 Construction - A specially engineered nylon shuttlecock empowered with a unique hybrid base cork made of synthetic and natural cork for optimal quality.
  • Get the optimum flight quality close to feather shuttles with unique aerodynamic skirt design that mimics the characteristics of feather shuttles from Li-Ning.
  • The high grade EVA and Natural Cork Smart Mix used in the construction of the cork base helps the shuttle achieve sharp and crisp hitting sound, giving a unique dynamics to the game.

    swift x100

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