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Brand: Yonex
Model: Mavis350 x3
Origin: Japan
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Cap Color Green
Speed Slow
Type Nylon
Package Contains 3 Box (6 x 3 = 18 Shuttles)

Yonex Mavis 350 (Pack of 3) Green Cap Shuttlecock - Yellow

Elevate your badminton game with the precision-built Yonex Mavis 350 green cap nylon shuttlecock.

Designed for superior flight performance, this shuttlecock ensures consistent speed and accuracy with every strike of the racquet.

Whether you're practising or competing, the versatile design allows for slow, fast, and medium serves, enhancing your gameplay.

Key Features:

  1. Precision-designed for accurate flight performance
  2. Versatile speed options: slow, fast, and medium
  3. Bright yellow colour for easy visibility on the court
  4. Durable nylon skirt for consistent shots and faster recovery
  5. Suitable for all temperatures and environments (22 to 33 degrees)
  6. Cost-effective solution for training and practice sessions
  7. Brand: Yonex Mavis
  8. Skirt Material: Nylon

What are the benefits of shuttlecocks made of nylon?

Due to their resilience and resistance to impact damage, nylon shuttlecocks are well-suited for frequent use and outdoor play. In addition, their flight characteristics are constant,  unaffected by humidity fluctuations, ensuring dependable performance in a variety of playing conditions. Sportsuncle suggests always choosing the colour of the shuttlecock tube according to the temperature conditions.

Do nylon shuttlecocks necessitate any particular maintenance or care?

The upkeep of nylon shuttlecocks is comparatively lower than that of feather shuttlecocks. In order to extend their lifespan, it is advisable to preserve them in a cold, dry location that shields them from direct sunlight. In addition, ensuring optimal performance requires inspecting the shuttlecocks for signs of wear and strain and replacing them as needed.

Could nylon shuttlecocks be utilized in a competitive setting?

Although nylon shuttlecocks are acceptable for recreational and practice use, they might not satisfy the criteria necessary for play at the professional or competitive level. For sanctioned competitions and contests, organizations such as the Badminton World Federation (BWF) generally mandate the utilization of feather shuttlecocks.

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