Nivia Power Strike 3.0 Badminton Shoes
Nivia Power Strike 2.0 badminton shoes are now upgraded to 3.0. NIVIA Power Strike 3.0 Badminton sho..
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NIVIA is the first Indian firm for FIFA approval because of its footballs. When the whole industry had surrendered to imported substance for producing footballs, he took up the struggle to update the neighborhood rubber substance to international standards. NIVIA now is most likely the only business on earth that has effectively acquired FIFA PRO, marking on a nivia football made from rubber.

The undaunted resolve that allowed him to break beyond every obstacle, along with his ideals of giving love and aid at any price, departs behind a legacy that will direct us in every effort and help us perform upon the strong foundations he left behind. 

Now Nivia proudly manufactures the footballs, basketballs, yoga mat, football shoes, inline skates and much more.