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Brand: Yonex
Model: TruDry Copper Socks
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Yonex TruDry Copper Infused Socks Regular Length (pack of 7)

  • TruDRY
  • Copper Infused Yarn
  • Breathable
  • Cooling
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Odour
Pack of 7 Pair of Yonex Socks - 25-28cm, Free Size.
Combination of 1/4 Regular, 3/4 Regular socks

It brings a strange image to the minds of those that are unfamiliar with them, but these aren’t socks made of copper thread, nor forged from copper. Instead, these are amazing fabric innovations where the normal thread is infused with copper to bring the anti-fungal and anti-microbial benefits of this amazing metal to truly comfortable apparel. Every day our feet are attacked by microbes and fungi that cause odor, athlete’s foot, and other ailments that occur in warm, wet places. That’s what makes these socks perfect for everyone from the most active athlete to those needing something to support them with their diabetes-related struggles. 

Copper’s inherent properties help to eliminate these issues by fighting bacterial and fungal growth, and that’s just the beginning. Then you add in the construction of our basic socks with brushed cotton that is softer and more comfortable than regular cotton, as well as absorbing 50% more liquids, wicking sweat away from your feet. 

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