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Model: OptiumNeoH-100 x 2
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200 Strips for Optium Neo H Glucometer

The Optium Neo H 200 test Strips are top-fill or end-fill by nature to create easy sample application and visual confirmation. The strips are individually foil-wrapped so that they are protected from contamination unless otherwise opened.

** Now Optium H strips are replaced with Optium H Neo strips, just don't change the chip code which comes with Neo strips and keep using the old code you have in the Optium H machine without any issue.

Features and Benefits
  • Reduced potential interference from over 60 common medications and substances
  • Individual foil-wrapped strips to keeps from there contamination
  • Lesser test time of only 5 seconds
  • Mini sample size (0.6 μL)
  • Fill trigger ensures reaction starts only when sufficient sample has been applied
  • 5 second sample reapplication
  • Alternate site testing

    Package Contains - 100 x 2 = 200 strips pack

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