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Champ Cricket Shoes Metal Spikes, Nails - 24pc

Introducing the Champ Shoes Spikes Nails in dazzling Golden colour! Prepare to step up your game with these spiked wonders that will give you the edge on any surface. Enable your inner champion with these powerful and stylish shoe accessories.
These spikes are made from hardened steel, ensuring maximum durability and strength. They are built to withstand the toughest conditions, whether sprinting on the track or making sharp turns on the field. No more worrying about wear and tear. These spikes are here to stay, supporting you throughout your journey.
These spikes provide the traction you need to excel in any sport. Whether running, jumping, or making quick cuts, the hardened steel nails dig deep into the ground, giving you the grip and stability to perform at your best. Say goodbye to slips and slides. With the Champ Shoes Spikes Nails, you'll feel like you're glued to the ground, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

  • 24 pieces of shoe nails
  • These replacement spikes can be used as the originals for all the leading brands in India. 
  • Full metal cricket spike. Length is 8 MM and Thread Size is 5 MM
  • Two holes are provided on the diameter of the washer for tightening or loosening the spike
  • No Spanner Included.

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