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Brand: Babolat
Model: Hybrid x6
Origin: China
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Speed - 76
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Babolat HYBRID Challenge Feather Shuttlecock - Pack of 6

The Babolat Hybrid Feather Badminton Shuttlecock is designed to offer superior durability and flight stability. The shuttlecock is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure its durability and reliability. Its distinctive hybrid feather design provides the ideal mix of weight and stiffness, allowing it to move further and faster, making it the ideal shuttlecock for tough badminton matches. It features a cork head and a synthetic nylon base, which are carefully crafted to ensure optimal balance and consistency during play. The innovative hybrid combination gives the shuttlecock stability, precision and durability.

The hybrid structure of the Babolat Hybrid feather shuttlecock is one of its distinguishing characteristics. The mix of natural goose feathers and synthetic materials produces a shuttlecock with a combination of durability and stability that is unmatched. The cork head provides a firm and consistent weight distribution, while the synthetic nylon base ensures the shuttlecock's shape and performance throughout time.

The Babolat Hybrid Feather shuttlecock is a high-performance shuttlecock that is appropriate for players of all skill levels. It is perfect for usage in all types of games, from casual matches to professional competitions, due to its well-balanced weight and hybrid structure.

Babolat Hybrid Feather shuttlecock - Advantages

  1. Maximum Performance and Reliability
  2. Unique Combination of Stability and Durability
  3. Consistent and Responsive Flight
  4. Ideal for All Types of Games
  5. Suitable for Casual Matches and Professional Competitions

Composition - Cork head, Synthetic Nylon Base, Natural Goose Feathers

Package contains 6 feather badminton shuttlecock tube

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