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Brand: Babolat
Model: Hybrid
Origin: China
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Speed - 76
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Babolat Hybrid Challenge Feather Shuttlecock

Are you looking for the best balance of flight quality and durability? No need to look any further; we've found it for you.

The hybrid structure guarantees a high-quality shuttlecock for easy play. The Babolat hybrid shuttlecock stands out because it is made of three parts: a cork head, a synthetic nylon base, and feathers that are put into the base. This unique hybrid combination provides stability, precision, and durability to the shuttlecock.

  • Resistance - Take advantage of a longer life cycle. Its nylon base gives greater protection for the goose feathers.
  • High Flight Quality - Enjoy quality rallies thanks to an innovative structure. For flight quality equivalent to feather shuttlecocks.
  • Durability - Due to the innovative hybrid combination Babolat hybrid shuttlecock means fewer waste thanks to increased durability and if you mixed with HUMIDOME, then durability doubles.

Babolat Hybrid Feather badminton shuttlecock is engineered to provide consistent performance in different playing conditions. Whether you are playing in hot and humid weather or in a cold and dry environment, this shuttlecock guarantees superior performance. Its unique design provides excellent stability and trajectory, which ensures that the shuttlecock stays in the air for longer, making it easier to play the perfect shot.

If you're looking for a training badminton shuttlecock, this is far superior to the Yonex Aeroclub TR and Lining Champ.

Composition - Cork head, Synthetic Nylon Base, Natural Goose Feathers

Package contains 1 feather shuttlecock tube

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