Why Use ePayLater ?

How this work ? Only - 4 Steps
Keep Aadhar or PAN Card Ready

Step 1 - Select "Buy Now Pay Later" option at checkout Payment Options Page and Press Confirm Order.

Step 2 - Enter your Phone number and OTP, Enter your Email address and OTP for verification.
Keep your Aadhar or Pan Card Ready.

Step 3 - Enter your Correct Name, Date of Birth, State and other details as mentioned in your Aadhar Card or PAN Card.

Step 4 - Enter your Aadhar Card or PAN Card, Agree to Conditions and Make Payment.

Wow you did it !
Currently Maximum Credit Limit is Rs. 4500* for new sign-ups.
This Limit keep increasing as you keep buying and make payment on time.

There are chances when you don't get any Credit Limit if your card is newly generated or not enough information available.

Frauds happen in COD but this is Father of all for Genuine Buyers and Sellers.

From now on... BUY - USE - PAY