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Brand: GM
Model: Purist Geo II
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Senior Size - 56 - 60 cm
Senior Large Size - 60 - 63 cm
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GM Purist Geo II Cricket Helmet

  • GM Purist GEO II complies with BS7928:2013 Specification for Head Protectors for Cricketers, British Standards Institute.
  • Improved peak strength and precisely fitted Geo steel grille greatly reduce the risk of the ball penetrating the gap between the two.
  • High-performance monocoque construction delivers excellent impact-absorbing properties.
  • Rigid, high-impact outer shell with EPS liner withstands great force .
  • It is fitted with a Geo steel grille as standard.
  • Complete with new dial adjuster band for ease of fitting and removal of helmet mid-innings.
  • GEOII STEEL GRILLE Geodesic designs are mathematically proven to be ultra strong structures The use of geodesic designs ensures the grille has optimal impact resistance from all frontal directions

    All bars of the Geo grille feature properties of geodesic curvature.

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