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Model: Mind 2.0
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Moonwalkr MIND Cricket Helmet - Lightest Helmet

  • Moonwalkr MIND 2- The Lightest and Most Advanced cricket Helmet in the World
  • A unique 30-point ventilation system for enhanced airflow and reduced sweat buildup.
  • Revolutionary, integrated lower head protection for unrestricted movement. No stem guard needed.
  • Maximum visibility, maximum protection. Path-breaking design with customizable fit.
  • And a secure 4-point fastening strap for Low deformation and enhanced protection.
  • Extra rigid zones designed to sustain high-energy hits and provide optical impact management
  • Faceguard equipped with secure, adjustable fastening strap on a rigid structure, resulting in low deformation and enhanced protection

Crafted ground up from the toughest and lightest materials, we’ve designed the Moonwalkr MIND 2.0 Helmet in consultation with top cricketers and equipment designers, to offer you advanced lightweight construction that gives complete protection to the head and also incorporates an extension for protection against lower head injuries. It also provides maximum visibility along with full face and jaw protection, courtesy a fixed position steel alloy grill construction.

Keep a cool head - Take some weight off and focus on your game.

Gear up!! This is not just any cricket helmet. Designed by Players and Professional designers, the MIND is crafted from the ground up for playing in all conditions including the Indian Sub Continent. 

Moisture management - Channels formed by the comfort fit liners make for enhanced fresh air flow. Direct ventilation for forehead liner reduces sweat build up over eyes. 

Fit Matters- performance cushioning impact protection EPS foam is a pliable material offering comfort with the ability to dissipate extreme force. multiple thickness foam comfort fit liner options provide for a true customised fit. 

Harness Comfort-  wide chin strap attached to helmet secures the steel grill to minimize the wobble and adds to stability during movement

Impact deflection- the ARMR has an aerodynamic front profile, far reducing the force of impact, by deflecting rather than resisting the ball. 

The Moonwalkr Helmet weighs 850 grams and is one of the lightest options available. 

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