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Indian Premier League (IPL) and 10 Interesting Facts

The Indian premier league or as it is commonly known worldwide as IPL is a professional cricket league established in India, in late 2007. The Indian Premier cricket league is the most popular, and by far most watched sport in India, and not only there, but it is the most-attended cricket game in the whole world.

That is why the IPL, with its enormous attendance and vast popularity, has become one of the biggest entities in the Indian market economy. Now it’s value is estimated billions, and other major companies like Bollywood film production and many media tycoons are involved in the IPL franchise.

The Indian premier league competition format

The Indian Premier league is constructed of teams that represent major Indian cities. At the beginning of the IPL all the matches were played in the original, well-known format, between every team, and each of the teams are set to play among each other, with the opportunity to play two matches with each opponent, one on a home turf, and the other one on a guest field. However, as popularity grew, also the number of teams rise. In addition to that, in 2011, the board of the Indian Premier League decided to change the playing format, as it seemed like a better solution due to the league expansion. The playing format was basically the same as in any other sport around the world, with one small difference. first was the round-robin groups phase where ten teams were separated in two groups by five, but each team gets to play only one match against the competing team and it is limited to that one single encounter.

After the round-robin phase, comes the knockout phase, where the best teams compete against each other trying to win the big playoff and are crowned as the Indian premier league champions. Still, one losing team was also given the chance to compete with the rest in the playoff and to win the title. This is probably with the sole purpose of generating more views and increase the popularity and excitement. Although, as easy as may sound, the road to the crown is hard and very exhausting. However, due to match-fixing scandals and money problems over the years, many clubs lost their franchise and the right to compete, or were replaced with other franchises and re-named. Now the format is basically as it was at the beginning with 8 teams competing against each other, playing two matches each in the round robin, and the best-ranked teams continuing to the playoff. The rule for adding one lucky loser is still in order.

IPL Regulations for Players and Teams

The Indian premier league as one of the biggest and fastest-growing entities in the world is becoming surely one of the most successful leagues in the world. There are not only domestic players involved in the teams bidding but also many world-famous players come and take their chances in of the teams. Not only great working conditions are offered, but also a lot of money is involved in the process. Tens, maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars, and Indian rupees or as it is said in native money language Lakhs and Crores.

Every year a public player auction list is presented and this is the first and the most reliable way of acquiring players. At this auction, all players are presented with a base price and sold to the highest bidder. The players that will not be obtained by any club, can be additionally signed as a replacement. The third way of acquiring players is the annual trading moment, where players according to free will sign with a new club, however, the difference in the salary cap is paid by the franchise, of course, if there is one.

The rules in the IPL are very strict and created in a way that all of the franchises are treated equally and the approach to everyone is fair and consistent. Regarding the clothing and equipment of the player, the regulations of the IPL ensure professional and suitable standards that are not only domestically attained but also internationally. The regulations also serve the franchises and sponsors to protect sponsorship rights. However, any advertising that is connected to gaming and betting is strictly forbidden.

All teams are constructed of 18-25 players, but the number of foreign players is limited to eight. Still, in the starting eleven, there can be only four overseas players. Also, the regulations strictly forbid the salary cap of the team. It cannot be exceeded probably due to keeping the balance between the team forces and maintaining fair and equal games.

Top 10 Interesting facts about IPL

Although there are many rules and regulations that keep the stability in the games and moral peace between the teams, there are also many fun and entertaining facts about the IPL.

Here are our top 10 favorites:

  1. The Indian premier league is so famous around the world, that in 2010 has become the first sports event ever that has been broadcasted live on Youtube.
  2. The rights for television broadcasting of the Indian premier league in 2018 were sold for staggering 163.475 millions of dollars to Star India Network.
  3. The Indian premier league is of the biggest contributors to the GDP of the Indian Economy. Injecting more than 180 million dollars per year.
  4. What is certainly very interesting is the fact that most of the matches are played in the afternoon or in the evening, so the views of the television audience and the worldwide broadcasting is maximized, with astonishing 240 million views in the first season.
  5. The IPL is the first league ever, that started on its own, without the approval of the International cricket council, and has done surprisingly well.
  6. The first contest that took place in 2008, took a lot of fame across the nation and the world, due to the fact that for the first time foreign and domestic players played on the same team.
  7. As a reminder of the popularity of the IPL is the fact that in 2017 the broadcasting rights have been sold to Sony Six, Sony ESPN and Set Max.
  8. Adidas as one of the top brands in the world was actively included in the process of kit manufacturing and financing an IPL team from 2004-2008.
  9. Every year, one team in the IPL wears a green jersey for one match, as a strong support to the worldwide initiative “Go green”.
  10. There were eight founding franchises of the IPL. Later those numbers changed due to breaches in ownership contracts or lack of financial means.

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