Why Blood Pressure Changes? Learn How to Use BP Machine

As we all know our BP keep changing every second but what's the reason of blood pressure changes and how can we measure the same to know the blood pressure is in the normal range or hypertension range.

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How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Boxing Gloves?

With the boom in combat-based fitness training and even 'white collar boxing' there’s never been a better time to discover just what the best boxing glove is

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10 Tips to Avoid Injury in Squash and Become an Expert

Whether you are looking to play a game of squash for fun or competitively, you have to be careful not to get an injury.

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The Complete Foot Care Guide for Athletes

During running or playing, the entire weight of your body comes down on your foot. Thus, swellings, fissures, patches, breaks, blisters, and pains can be common. But with top-quality foot products and accessories, you can protect your feet from such serious injuries. 

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How to Choose the Right Football Ball and Football Shoes

Choosing the right football ball os a difficult task as they are available in a variety of variations and selecting right football shoes or cleats include the type of field you play on and the position you play.
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Tips on What to eat and avoid Before & After your Important Game

The week before a cricket, Badminton or a football game, it’s important for the athlete to build his energy and muscles. Athletes need mostly 70% of carbohydrate for them to be able to perform at their highest level.

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7 Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Yoga Mat

Are you in search of a perfect yoga mat, or you just want to know what to look out for when selecting a faithful companion mat on your yoga journey? 

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Run Faster Fearlessly with This Injury Prevention Guide

The right body form, right nutrients, and right shoes can prevent you from injury. So Get Ready and RUN RUN RUN.
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6 Top Fitness Injury Myths: Debunked

What’s more problematic is when people abide by the warnings by abandoning certain beneficial exercises and fitness habits. . In the worst case scenario, it may even lead to an actual healthy injury.

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How to Choose Right Pair of Sports Shoes for your Child

Each sport requires not just certain equipment, but also wearable gear to help the player perform properly. So, think before you buy.

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