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Brand: Invincible
Model: Speed Ball
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Size - 7x10 inch
Package Contains - 1 Ball
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Invincible Synthetic Leather Speed Ball

The speedball, also known as the speed bag, is a small bag that hangs below a platform that's usually mounted on a wall or sturdy stand. Boxers use the speedball to work on hand speed and reflexes. The bag moves extremely fast, making it an impressive drill to watch -- and is why boxers also use the drill to show off.

The speedball looks like a teardrop, usually less than a foot long total and filled with air. It's very skinny at the top and then gets very wide towards the bottom. Since a speed bag is so small and lightweight, it can get moving very quickly.

The speedball also helps with hand-eye coordination. Boxers don't have the luxury of hitting stationary objects, such as a heavy bag. Opponents are constantly moving and dodging punches, so a boxer needs to get comfortable hitting moving targets.

  • Invincible Speed ball carefully selected full grain leather shell is completely hand sewn for intense precision and speed. A quad-riveted handle loop is triple layered for durable and lightning fast action. An exclusive latex rubber bladder is built for true and rapid rebounds.
  • Stiched for professional Gym Quality.
  • Tough, superfast & made of light Weight synthetic leather.
  • Loop is Extra Reinforced.

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