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SG Str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor

Are you looking to improve your batting? With str8bat, you can train smarter and see real results. It's designed to help you refine your technique and build muscle memory so you can hit the ball with precision and power. And the best part? You can use it anywhere, from your backyard to the cricket pitch.

Str8bat is the ultimate training tool for young cricketers who want to improve their game. Whether you're a domestic or international player, a state-level or grassroots cricketer, str8bat offers you a lot of insights that help you improve your batting.

The feather-light str8bat sensor has:

  • Instant and easy setup process, setup process takes less than 4sec
  • Gives real-time data tracking
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • 360 degrees 3D replay of all your shots

Plus, with the share session feature, share your results with coaches and friends.

To set up the sensor first, unbox it, then use the stencil provided in the box to apply the velcro sticker to your bat. Activate the sensor and then attach it to the bat sticker. You're all set to smash some cricket balls now.

To activate the sensor, you must lightly whip it. Attach it to the bat sticker after that. Open the str8bat cricket app on your phone and sync the sensor with the app. The str8bat cricket bat sensor and the str8bat cricket app connect wirelessly through Bluetooth.

The str8bat cricket bat sensor has unlimited cloud storage, allowing you to record as many batting sessions as you want and play as many shots as you like!

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