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Solinco Hyper G Tennis String Set
Because of its square profile, Solinco Hyper G is the string to look for if you need a lot of spin. ..
Solinco Tour Bite Tennis String Set
A newly developed, high-performance and versatile co-polyester string designed to generate extreme p..
Solinco Outlast 16 Tennis String Set - Red
A newly developed, high-performance, and well-rounded co-polyester string designed to provide maximu..
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Solinco strives to provide our Team and Family of athletes with the most innovative designed and engineered performance equipment on the market, allowing each player to reach their full potential in every competitive situation, from top world-ranked professionals to weekend warriors.

Furthermore, we are committed to supporting the international growth of tennis and having a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

From premium tennis rackets to top-of-the-line squash and badminton gear, Solinco products are known for their durability, precision, and exceptional playability. Choose Solinco for superior sports gear that enhances your performance on the court and helps you achieve your best game.