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  • This Service can be bought at the time you are buying a New Racket from us, Don't order alone.
  • Available String Color will be used, if you have any specific color requirement, then pls. mention in the Special Instructions with alternate colors for consideration
  • Strings Life can't be controlled by us, those can be a break in a day or month, there is NO warranty on strings breakage.
  • Your racket may be supporting 35lbs or more but we don't string the racket more than 26lbs due to more chances of breakage in Transit.
  • We strung your Racket using the latest Digital Yonex PT8 Deluxe Stringing Machine

Custom Badminton Stringing on Sportsuncle

What are Strings and Sweet Spot - All strings stretch, like elastic, and therefore your strings will begin to lose tension (known as "tension creep") starting from the day it is strung. Every racket has a “sweet spot.” This is an area on the string bed which will give you the most power. It is readily accepted that lower string tension provides a larger sweet spot on the string bed. 

At lower tensions the larger sweet spot allows the string to absorb and repel the shuttle better. Lower string tension tends to provide greater power but less control. The string bed is too springy for control purposes. As tension increases the sweet spot reduces. Better players make less hitting errors and therefore require a smaller sweet spot. Their consistency in hitting the shuttle on the sweet spot will also mean their requirements are different.


By adjusting the string tension, you can adjust the amount of power or control that you get from any string, thick or thin. A common mistake most people make is to string at too high of a tension because of their EGO. Since it is harder to generate power at high tensions, the player will often use excessive force in order to generate power and may result in an injury to the shoulder or they may develop tennis elbow.


  • If you choose the low-tension then you are using the power of your racket and strings but little less control.
  • If you choose the high-tension then you are using the power of your shoulder.

Don’t put too much stress on your arm if you are still starting out. High tension strings should only be used by more experienced players.

Stencil the Racket - This is not at all necessary and neither affects your stringing/playing performance. This gives the professional look to the racket, so most players go for it. Soon, we are bringing more customized designs. If you have any suggestions then you can email us.

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