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Brand: Victor
Model: P8500 II C
Origin: China
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UpperMicrofiber PU Leather + V-Tough + Double Mesh
MidsoleHYPEREVA + ENERGYMAX3.0 + TPU + Carbon Power + Solid EVA
OutsoleVSR Rubber
Necessary: Match the sizes according to "centimetre" with your current shoe, not the UK size.

Victor P8500II Professional Badminton Shoes

Many elite players well acclaim Victor P8500II badminton shoes. "P8500II is light, elastic, and provides a great fit and excellent support, allowing me to jump without worries and make quick returns," said Mohammad Ahsan, Indonesian legendary men's doubles player.

  • The classic lateral tri-claw design of P8500 provides wider protection and greater support. The 3D tri-claw design has a golden-lacquered finish that will surely steal the spotlight on the court.

  • The ankle area keeps the structural design of the previous generation but offers an enhancement to the fitting of the shoes and works as a boost to the support around the ankle.

  • Wider use of HYPEREVA to enjoy its lightness, softness, and elasticity.

Energy Max 3.0 - The new generation of highly elasticity material, with a 22% increase in rebound ability. The shock absorbency increased by 6%, dramatically enhancing the instant resilience, shock absorption and cushioning effect to shocks.

HYPEREVA - Victor HyperEva is the latest midsole technology focused on resilience and cushioning. You will be impressed with absorption, rebound performance and how it makes the shoes both durable and lightweight. Badminton shoes built with hyperEVA can achieve better lightweightness, elasticity, and stability than before.

How to Choose the Right Shoe Size?

  1. For the best accuracy, use (CM) as your benchmark.
  2. CM measures the length between the back of your heels to your largest toe.
  3. It's always better to buy a slightly loose shoe than a slightly tight one because you can always wear thicker socks to make your foot bigger.

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To measure your foot, place a blank piece of paper larger than your foot on the floor against the wall. Tape the paper down to the floor. Stand on the paper with your heel slightly touching the wall. Then use a pen to draw a straight line touching the outermost point of your toe.

Use your ruler or measuring tape to measure the length from the bottom of the paper to the top line that you drew. 

This number is your actual foot measurement, you can add 1-2 cm and convert them to the appropriate size.

shoes measurement guide