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Yonex AC 420EX Hi Soft Grap (pack of 3) - Badminton / Tennis / Squash

Your grip tape is as important as any other part of your racquet. Choosing the right grip and replacing it regularly afford you better comfort and a more solid handle on your racquet, giving you the edge on the court.

Yonex latest product for players looking for an extra soft and tacky feel grip. The AC-420-EX Hi-Soft Grap maximum absorbency guarantees non-slip performance in wet or dry conditions. Made of 1.6mm polyurethane, this replacement grip has excellent super soft feeling for maximum comfort. The Yonex AC-420-EX Hi Soft Grap badminton grip offers excellent durability, comfortable feel, and non-slip tacky surface.

Package Contains - 3 Grips

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