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Brand: Yonex
Model: EX68BOLT
Origin: Japan
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Yonex ExBolt 68 Badminton String

Discover the innovation behind the EXBOLT 68 badminton string, featuring Yonex's exclusive FORGED FIBER technology. Just like its predecessors, the EXBOLT 63 and EXBOLT 65, this racket is engineered for top-tier performance on the court. What sets it apart is the revolutionary FORGED FIBER material, meticulously designed to blend durability with rapid repulsion.

Traditionally, thinner strings offered higher repulsion but suffered from durability issues. Yonex tackled this challenge head-on by developing FORGED FIBER, a breakthrough material that enhances both durability and repulsion. By restructuring the molecular composition of the fibres, Yonex created stronger bonds, ensuring lasting performance even during intense gameplay.

In the EXBOLT 68, Yonex introduces a new advancement: a shift from the circular to an oval-shaped FORGED FIBER pattern. This innovative design minimizes fibre deformation upon impact, resulting in increased smash power and precision. Additionally, the utilization of this highly durable material allows for a reduction in string thickness, further enhancing repulsion without compromising durability.

Length -10m (33 ft), Gauge - 0.68mm
Made in Japan

Repulsion - 9/10
Durability - 10/10
Hitting Sound - 8/10
Shock Absorption - 6/10
Control - 10/10

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