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Brand: Yonex
Model: TRP x 12
Origin: Thailand
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For all court surfaces

Yonex TOUR Platinum Tennis Balls - 12 Balls

They are distinguished by their exceptional quality and ability to provide comfort while playing, setting them apart from competitors in terms of durability and performance. Without a doubt, these balls have been engineered to perform admirably on any court surface.

Regardless of ability level, every tennis player would find the Yonex Tour Platinium advantageous. These pressurized tennis balls provide consistent bounce, optimal rotation, and exceptional control; they demonstrate the highest standard of design and technology.

Designed to fulfil all of your tennis requirements, they provide an exceptional playing experience suitable for both recreational and competitive activities.

The durability of Yonex Tour Platinium 4B tennis balls is ensured. They are more durable and resilient than the average tennis ball, retaining their shape and rebounding for the duration of intense periods. The robust construction ensures exceptional durability, guaranteeing the product can endure protracted and demanding encounters while retaining its excellent state.

  • Pressurized tennis balls
  • All court surfaces
  • Excellent durability, visibility and water resistant
  • For Tournaments
  • Pack of 12 Balls, 1 Can contains 4 balls

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