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Brand: Li-Ning
Model: Bladex200
Origin: China
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Weight / Grip Size83g, 4U/ G6
Strung / TensionYes / 22-27 lbs
Flexibility / BalanceMedium / 292mm
Cover IncludedYes

LiNing Bladex 200R Badminton Racket

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The Li-Ning Blade X 200R is a pioneering racket of the Rex speed series. Devised for striking supremacy, it gives you refined speed & precision coupled with smooth swings. This new-age sonic boom frame technology and high carbon material optimization give the racket cutting-edge eminence and add top-line Li-Ning ammo to your game.

Weight - 83g
Balance Point - 292mm
Maximum Tension - 27lbs

High carbon strength - Lining uses new-generation carbon graphite material technology with higher strength and better elasticity providing great power for your strikes. This improves its strength without increasing its weight and provides a new and improved playing experience.

Flexible Shaft - The BladeX 200 R shaft is devised to have middle flexibility which improves your defense form. This accentuates its longer bending moment and returns to boost smashes and aids with swifter strikes. This means that the shaft efficiently directs the exerted force forward without torsion to enhance the impact of each shot.

Sharp Wind Stabilization - Li-ning uses pioneering Technology for frame Restoration to improve precision and restrain shakes resulting from vibration waves. Based on aerodynamics and gathered practicing data, the racket frames have been devised for stability and high intensity to facilitate peak performance in every game.

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