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selecting right cricket shoes

Looking for the perfect pair of cricket shoes? The process of finding the cricket shoes that is perfect for you is a time consuming process that usually requires a lot of research.

However, having a good pair of cricket shoes goes a long way in helping when it comes to boosting your performance be it a fast paced match or a training net session. Cricket shoes offer the much needed support to your feet as well they protect you against injuries and they are just as important for batsman as they are for bowlers or allrounder.

For instance, a perfect pair of cricket shoes can help a batsman to improve his posture and stance to face the incoming ball. On the other hand, the right pair of shoes help bowlers’ to land perfectly and stabilize their hands. Lastly, they help fielders to run faster and provide balance. All-in-all, the right pair of shoes will help in every aspect of cricket irrespective of whether you are a fielder, bowler, or batsman.

Therefore, we have talked about various key factors that will help you find the right pair of shoes, including shoes used by cricketers, different types of cricket shoes, and more. So, let’s find out which shoes are best for you.

Quick Tips

In case, if you don’t have time to go through the entire piece, here are some important details that you should keep in mind while buying a pair of new cricket shoes:

  • Look for shoes that are built with high quality material on the upper surface. Some of the perfect materials include Polyethylene (PU), Microfiber or high quality synthetic material. All the aforesaid materials are lightweight. Plus, they are long lasting, irrespective of the surface they are used on.

  • Cushioning- It is important to have proper cushioning in the shoes as most cricketers will run 2-5 km in a game, which exerts a lot of pressure on the lower legs. The cushioning reduce this force on the lower legs. The ideal place for cushioning is the heel as well as the midsole.

  • Stability- Stability is another important factor to consider while buying cricket shoes. Some manufacturers offer medical arch support to help reduce pronation during the bowling. It results in reduce forces, which are experienced at the level of the inner ankle, knee, and hips.

  • Ventilation- It is crucial for your foot breath during an intensive cricket match that too in hot summer days. Therefore, you should go for shoes that offer proper circulation of air and proper ventilation.

  • Spikes – In case of the batsmen, half spikes can do the job because they are lighter and more responsive. On the other hand, bowlers should use full spikes as they offer better grip and stability which is important for bowler

So, these were some quick tips that will help you find the perfect pair of shoes. Now, let’s talk about various aspects of cricket shoes in detail.

What is the right way to approach cricket shoe shopping?  

The market is filled with a wide variety of shoes and each type has its own advantage and its own disadvantages. So, it all comes to the surface on which you are playing and your playing level. Moreover, your role as a cricketer also determines what type of shoes is right for you.

Generally, batsman should go for shoes with rubber/ metal spike because spikes offer better grip as a result they enable you to run faster on the pitch. On the other hand, if you are a bowler you should go for cricket studs as they are better at providing the correct landing position. Usually, a full spike shoe sole have removable metal spikes embedded at the bottom of the shoe whereas Studs have soles made up of rubber. They are soft and durable in nature.

Moreover, the surface you play cricket on plays an important role in finding the cricket shoes. In other words, the shoes that are perfect for synthetic pitches are not that effective on the turf. Specifically, for turfs you will need spikes, whereas for synthetic pitches the rubber shoes are the best.  

Furthermore, you should also keep your playing level in mind while looking for a pair of shoes. Besides that, it is important to keep the duration of your training session in the mind as you would require a long lasting shoes if you go through extensive practise sessions.

Size and Weight

Finding the right size cricket shoes is the most important thing while buying a new pair as ill-fitting shoes will only hamper your performance. For example- tighter shoes will result in restricted movement. On the other hand, larger size won’t allow you to have a definite stride.

Additionally, it is always best to have some breathing room for your toe in the front part of the shoe as well as at the sides, particularly if you have broader feet.

Furthermore, the weight of the shoes is just as crucial as its size. Mainly because cricket is a physically demanding sports that involves a lot of running either to score runs or while fielding or bowling. In all aspects of cricket, a lightweight shoe should be given preference as it will ease movement across the ground.

spike shoes

Which material you should buy?

A large variety of materials is used to produce cricket shoes; therefore you should also check the build material of the shoe. The material should be comfortable, breathable, and should offer sufficient legroom. On top of that, it is important to have cushioning of the midsole as it protect the feet and toes against possible injuries.

Most of the shoes available in the market nowadays are made up of an artificial leather known as PU or polyurethane. These shoes are extremely flexible, soft, and allow free movement of the feet.

How much you should spend to buy a pair of shoes?

When it comes to buying cricket shoes online or offline, the budget becomes just as important as any other thing like material. So, what is the amount that you should spend on your cricket shoes. It depends majorly on your playing level. In case, if you are an intermediate cricket player, you can go for a better-quality pair of shoes with a budget on a higher side.

However, if you are a rookie, just starting your journey as a cricketer, you should not go for expensive shoes because you are yet to develop the techniques of the game. You should start with standard shoes and then upgrading them as you get better.

What shoes do cricketers wear?

Usually, cricketers wear specialist cricket shoes that are identical to a normal pair of trainers, particularly to someone with no or less technical knowledge about cricket. One of the biggest difference among trainers and specialist shoes is that the latter are specifically made for cricket, with a lot sturdiness and they offer more support. In addition to that, the shoes that cricketers wear have spikes at the bottom to offer players with grip on the turf.  If we talk about the brand then International Cricketers wear all brands according to the brand they endorsed either nike cricket shoes. adidas cricket shoes, asics cricket shoes, new balance cricket shoes or puma cricket shoes. Jo paisa dega uska pehnege, comfort apne aap aa jayega (whichever brand gives the money they will wear that, comfort automatically follows).

 What is the price of cricket shoes?

The price of the shoes is not fixed. They starting price of the shoes can be as low as INR 500 or 1000 and it will go all the way up to 10K-15k. The professional cricketers use shoes in the latter price range while the novices go for the former price range. Whereas intermediate cricketers go for in-between prices.

Which shoes are right for you?

In this section we have compiled a list of shoes that will turn out to be perfect for you, provided you buy the correct size.  You can buy any of the shoes from the below list without thinking twice.

What shoes does Virat Kohli wear?

In 2021, Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of PUMA cricket shoes as a result he wore shoes from the same company. The cost of his shoes is in between Rs 4,000 to Rs 15,000.

Why do cricket shoes have spikes?

One of the biggest reason of having spikes on the cricket shoes is that they offer better grip over the ground and we all know that cricket is a game that involves a lot of running. Therefore, if you have better grip with your shoes, it will be easier for you to take runs. Plus, you will also be able to run faster while fielding with spike cricket shoes.

Can we remove spikes from shoes?

Yes, you can remove spikes from your cricket shoe anytime you want but you should ensure that you should put them back, particularly in case if you are playing on a turf.

Do cricketers wear spike cricket shoes?

Yes, all the professional cricketers wear spikes, irrespective of their roles in the team (batting and fielding) for the same reason that spikes offers better grip while running. Bowlers needs grip while delivering the cricket ball, whereas batsman need grip to make sure they run faster while taking runs and can convert ones into twos, twos into threes, and more. 

What are cricket spikes?

Cricket spikes is a type of shoes worn by most of the professional cricketers. These shoes have sharp piece of metal at the sole with the goal to offer enhanced grip while running. Usually, spikes are wore on turf or cricket fields with grass.

Do cricket shoes have spikes?

Yes, cricketers uses spikes. In fact, Spikes is a particular type of cricket shoes, which are used by the professional cricketers. These spike cricket shoes are perfect for natural pitches, whereas normal shoes without spikes can fare well on other pitches.

Can we play cricket with football shoes?

No, it is generally not right to play cricket with football studs as studs are designed for a particular type of field with a goal of kicking the ball. On the contrary, cricket involves running but no such thing as kicking.

Can you wear cricket shoes without spikes?

Yes, it is possible to wear cricket shoes without spikes, but it is generally not advised to do so, especially when you are playing on pitch with grass. On the other hand, if you are playing on synthetic floors you can go for shoes with no spikes, instead of removing spikes from your shoes.
spikes and studs

Cricket Shoe & Spike Maintenance

Now, you must be somewhat familiar with the shoe buying process that will help you find the perfect pair of cricket shoes. It is time for you to learn about how to take good care of them. As taking good care of your shoes is important to enhance their life.

In other words, the better you take care of your shoes, the longer they will. On top of that, it is necessary to keep them in good shape, so they continue to provide maximum support, protection against injuries to your feet, and help you perform better on the pitch.

Therefore, in this section, we have talked about some ways that will help you take good care of your shoes. Stick to the following steps to keep them good.

  • In case you have recently played in wet conditions. Make sure you let them dry in cool and dry place. Don’t leave them in a bag as this can lead to growth of mould as well as it will keep them damp for extensive period, which can damage the build material of the shoe.

  • Avoid placing your shoes under direct sunlight other than when playing. As this can result into degradation of the material with time. Plus, it can also cause discolouration of the shoes.

  • Make sure you are taking shoes off by untying and loosening the laces first because forcing them out of your foot can damage the heel.

  • Avoid washing your shoes in temperatures over 30-degree Celsius; it can warp the shoe material

Note: You should check your shoes regularly for damage or wear and tear. In addition to that, you should also pay proper attention to cleaning them in between matches. Detailed article on Take care of Cricket Shoes


The choice of shoes for cricket depends on a number of factors, including playing position, comfort, performance and durability. Besides that, it is also necessary to find the right size as loosing fitting shoes won’t let you perform in the most optimum manner while tighter shoes will restrict the movement of your feet. Additionally, the shoes should be breathable as more often than not you will end up having sweat on your feet.

You should go for shoes according to your role as a cricket in the team, if you are a bowler you will need a full spikes, whereas if you are a batsman you will be ok with half spikes. Apart from that, if you are just beginner, refrain yourself from buying expensive shoes, start with shoes that offer value for money. 

We understand that style and color is always an influential factor while buying shoes. However, it should be the secondary factor, with preference being given to the shoes that offers protection against injuries, shock absorption and enhance your performance.

Hope you like this article and you can visit our online store to buy cricket bat , cricket shoes online or other stuff.

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