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Brand: Carlton
Model: Kinesis 80 S
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Carlton Kinesis 80S Badminton Racket

If you are an advanced badminton player and looking to take your game to the next level, this Carlton Kinesis 80S Badminton Racket offers you increased speed and improved performance. 

It features an optometric head shape for supreme control and has a head heavy balance for more stability and spin. In addition, the Kinesis design is designed to reduce drag and improve head speed and the Nanocell enhanced frame enables greater shot precision through quicker racket acceleration and Xtreme Tension Frame that increases tension by 11%.

The vortex shedding kinesis is aerodynamically engineered, with a 90 degrees twist at 2, 5, 7 & 10 o'clock positions, to work, with the biomechanics of your body allowing the racket to shred through the air faster up to 8% quicker than conventional frames.

The X 80s has all the right attributes for the power minded player in doubles, the med stiff shaft and head heavy balance means power shots are easily attained without the loss of shuttle control.

Balance: Head Heavy
Flexibility : Medium

Technologies Within the Carlton Kinesis 80S Badminton Racket:

Micro Grommet System: Micro grommets and pocket grooves provide more touch and control feeling whilst also reducing aerodynamic drag. Micro grommets have tapered edges rather than the conventional circular shape resulting in a tighter fit improving shuttle feedback and control.

Japanese HM Carbon: Japanese Hi Modulus Carbon is the highest specification carbon available on the market.

Optimetric: By combining the larger sweet spot size resulting from an isometric geometry and the increased air speed and control. The new Optimetric head geometry delivers both power, airspeed, and control in one frame.

Xtreme Tension Frame - Attention to detail and high-quality materials ensure that Carlton rackets are safe to be strung at higher tensions.

Regulator Cap - allows for greater shot accuracy and control.

Vortex Geometry - A new design of the racket head to help improve the aerodynamics of the racket throughout the whole swing. Most rackets are designed with excellent aerodynamics in a single plane, the Vortex System is designed to have excellent speed through a whole rotation.

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