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Brand: Dunlop
Model: Revelation 125 HL
Origin: China
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Official Racket of PSA World Tour
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Dunlop HyperFibre XT Revelation 125 Squash Racket

Experience unrivalled power and precision on the squash court with the Dunlop HYPERFIBRE XT REVELATION 125 squash racket. This state-of-the-art racket is designed for the serious player seeking an edge in their game.

Featuring advanced HYPERFIBRE XT technology, this racket is built to deliver unmatched stiffness and power. Hyperfibre XT is a new technology that greatly enhances the racket's swing weight to help players generate explosive power and improve the racket's stability and durability.

The Dunlop HYPERFIBRE XT REVELATION 125 squash racket also boasts a extra Head Light balance point, ensuring optimal weight distribution and stability. This allows you to generate exceptional power on your shots while maintaining precise control and accuracy.

Crafted with the highest quality materials, this racket is built to last. The premium graphite construction and HYPERFIBRE XT technology provide unparalleled durability and resilience, ensuring your racket remains in top condition for many matches.

If you're a serious player seeking an edge in your game, look no further than the Dunlop HYPERFIBRE XT REVELATION 125 squash racket. With its advanced technology and superior performance, this racket is a must-have for any competitive player.

  • Head Size: 500 sq. cm;
  • Frame Weight: 125g;
  • String Pattern: 14x18;
  • Balance: Extra Head Light; 
  • Length: 27'' (686mm);
  • Construction: Premium Graphite

AeroSkinAn engineered surface texture inspired by shark skin, smooths airflow over your racket and reduces drag compared to non-textured surfaces.

The conical, tapered shaft delivers outstanding racket resilience and enhances overall stiffness. This powerful combination gives the shaft greater energy return on impact.

A unique polymer that contains micro beads that reduce friction while increasing string movement for enhanced power. Glidepolymer also increases durability and grommet life.

Parallel Strung
Grommet holes, pegs and strings align across the hitting area for a larger sweet spot, so you get more power, spin and a more forgiving feel.

Hit with increased elastic power. The streamlined aerodynamic profile combines with a longer main string to enlarge the sweet spot and move it closer to the top of the racket.

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