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Flamingo Orthopaedic Heating Belt - Regular

Flamingo Orthopedic Heat Belt is one of the most revolutionary products, which is available in three sizes. The high flexibility of this heat belt makes it easy to reach to the afflicted areas.

We have manufactured this heat belt using high quality soft material, with the aid of sophicticated technology.

People suffering from pain in different areas of their bodies can use Flamingo Orthopaedic Heat Belt to get a sigh of relief without any worries as users’ safety is assured. The in-built twin thermostat of this product ensures complete safety of the user.

Flamingo Orthopedic Heat Belt can be used for the following problems, on consultation of an expert:

· Backaches

· Sprain

· Muscular & joint pains

· Abscesses

· Women related pains

Some of the highlights of Flamingo Orthopedic Heat Belt are as follows:

· 4 layers of insulation on either side

· In-built twin thermostat

· Velcro strap-on belt

· Three convenient sizes

· Flexible

· Imported long-lasting heating coil

· Size: 29.5 cm X 21.5 cm (11.5 X 8.5 inches)

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