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Karakal Hot Zone 68 Badminton String

Karakal's Hot Zone 68 is a braided multifilament string which is great for players looking for an ultra- responsive and powerful badminton string.

It is constructed using ultra-fine multifilament's in the hot zone core that is compressed and braided with high elastomer fibers to give excellent durability and finished with Nano Elastomer resin creating a smooth surface to enhance the feel and control.

Ideal for players looking for balanced performance and responsive string.

  • Ultra-thin durable multifilament
  • Ultra-thin Elastic multifilament
  • Smooth Nano Elastomer coating
  • 0.68mm Diameter
  • 10m set
Repulsion Power - 8.5/10
Durability  - 8/10
Hitting Sound - 8/10
Control - 8.5/10
Shock Absorption - 9/10

hotzone 68

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