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Brand: Nivia
Model: ProTouch
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Nivia Pro Touch Basketball - Size: 7

Approved by the basketball Federation of India

This rigorously tested Nivia Pro Touch basketball has been approved by the BFI.

Leather Construction

This Nivia PRO TOUCH basketball is made from the finest composite leather that gives you a great dribble and bounce.

Butyl Bladder

The butyl bladder leaks very little air and helps keep the air pressure constant.

High Air Retention

The butyl bladder helps retain air for longer, so this Nivia basketball retains its round shape.

  • 8 panel laminated construction.
  • Composite Leather Pasted.
  • Indoor Ball.
  • Recommended for Wood and Taraflex Surface.
  • Weight & size adhere to official game norms.

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