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Each sport requires not just certain equipment, but also the wearable gear to help the player perform properly. Take a look at this guide and learn how you can choose the right sports shoe style for your child and stay ahead of the pack.

At one age or another, every child begins to display his or her sporty nature by participating in different sports. Concerned parents around the world want their children to be able to excel in the sport of their liking, but stay comfortable and safe at the same time.

As you already know, each sport requires not just certain equipment, but also the wearable gear to help the player perform properly. Among the essential gear is the right pair of sports shoes.   

The sports shoes you buy your young athlete should be the right kind that will enable them to overcome athletic challenges in their preferred sport and enhance their skills and comfort level.

At the same time, kids prefer the kind of shoes that will provide them with physical ease and freedom from pain when they are running around energetically for hours each day.

If your child is showing an inclination towards a certain sport, congratulations! You may likely have a sports star in the making. Be sure to equip your young athlete with the correct pair of shoes according to their preferred sport to enhance their performance and safeguard their physical well-being.

Here is a guide for parents to select the ideal pair of sports shoes for their child according to sport:

Badminton Shoes


Badminton requires the kind of footwear that enhances performance, maintains stability and prevents the risk of injuries. The ideal badminton shoe is ergo shaped to provide its wearer comfort in both the foot and the toes. This in turn improves flexibility in the toes which is extremely important given that your child will be required to use his toes to leap and jump throughout the game. The ergo shape is also meant to remove unnecessary friction inside the shoe to protect the feet from blisters.

To help with reverse movements in the sport, the shoe needs to be cushioned in order to act as a shock absorber and absorb body weight when pressure is applied. If the shock absorbers in the shoe are of poor quality there is a high chance that the wearer might end up with an ankle injury like a twist or a sprain. Different Brands have different types of Cushioning like Power Cushion in Yonex and Cushion in Lining.

The Double Russell Mesh within the badminton shoes keeps feet dry and comfortable, controlling the moisture that would cause its wearer discomfort. The discomfort usually comes in the form of blisters, as moist feet rub against the socks in the shoe constantly, creating more irritation in the skin.

The best badminton shoe that can bring out your child’s ability and agility potential can be found on Sportsuncle.

Cricket Shoes

cricket shoeCricket revolves around batting, bowling, and fielding which signifies the importance of spikes on cricket shoes. The spikes increase the grip level on the cricket shoes, helping to avoid any mishaps in wet conditions and enabling the wearer to move faster.

The Upper part of the shoe needs to be flexible and comfortable so that it offers air movement in the foot. The Sockliner which maintains contact with the sole of the foot provides ample cushioning. It should be noted that the sock liner is removable so the wearer can choose to either remove it or wear it according to his/her comfort needs.

The Midsole between the outsole and the insole is used for shock absorption and is usually made of still material. The heel of the shoe contributes to the safety and security of the foot, whether your child is a batsman or a bowler otherwise child can suffer from heel pain.

The torsion bar of the shoe is specifically used for the prevention of injuries in the foot by increasing the shoe's strength and stability. Buy for your cricket champ the best quality cricket shoes from the Sportsuncle collection.

Look for cricket shoes constructed from high-quality materials that are sturdy, comfortable, and capable of providing the necessary support, better grip and cushioning. Also, it is crucial to consider the playing surface, your playing style, and the fit of the shoes to ensure that you get the right pair for your needs.

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Football Shoes

football shoes

Football shoes stand out in particular for the cleats or studs they have on the soles of their shoes that provide force or friction. In football, force and friction are critical game factors, especially when playing on a slippery slope be it as a goalkeeper or a center-back. The studs can be moulded or screwed onto the shoes depending on the ground. The studded outsoles in the shoe provide very little cushioning with no control over feet motion, however, the insole does provide more cushioning and support where necessary.

Choosing the proper football shoes is essential for a comfortable and injury-free game. Here are some guidelines for selecting the proper pair:

1. Consider the playing surface: Various styles of football shoes are developed for different playing surfaces. Conversely, shoes with rubber studs are more suitable for playing on hard surfaces.

2. Consider your playing style: Depending on your position on the field, you may require shoes with varying levels of support or cushioning. A striker, for instance, may require shoes with a more streamlined design for speed and agility, whilst a defender may want shoes with additional padding and support for tackling.

Remember that the right pair of football shoes can have a significant impact on your performance and entire game experience, so choose wisely.

You can ensure an ideal pick of kid’s football shoes here.

Tennis Shoes

Compared to other sports shoes, tennis shoes have a lower absorption impact and their soles have a smoother and flatter surface which can vary based on the courts. If it is for concrete courts then the soles will be thicker while those for clay courts are usually more lightweight but less durable than the ones used in concrete courts. Tennis shoes should be extremely lightweight and flexible if they are to be used on indoor courts with a smooth sole to ensure that no damage marks are left on the court. Please read another article on Tips to choose Best Tennis Shoes in detail to know more about selecting the correct tennis shoes.

A variety of top-quality tennis shoes can be found for your young tennis player in this collection

Learn more about Basketball Shoes here.

Running Shoes

running shoesNormally the go-to option for best running shoes is those that have adequate cushioning to absorb shock. However, minimalist running shoes have also become a new trend among running shoe wearers given their impressive flexibility and thin rubber on their soles which provides for no cushioning and little impact absorption.

Minimalist shoes can also come with thicker rubber soles but that does not make them any less lightweight or flexible than the more traditional shoe soles. While thicker rubber soles offer greater absorption, trail running shoe soles are even more absorbent and provide greater foot protection with thicker soles.

Choose the right running shoes for your child and even yourself from this premium range to improve your running experience.

For a comfortable and injury-free running experience, it is essential to choose the correct running shoes. Here are some guidelines for selecting the proper pair:

1. Think about your foot type: Do you have flat feet, a neutral arch, or high arches? Understanding your foot type will assist you in selecting a pair of running shoes with the appropriate level of support and cushioning.

2. Consider the type of running you will be performing: Are you a sprinter, a long-distance runner, or a trail runner? Many types of running shoes are made for various activities; therefore, you should select a shoe that suits your running style.

3. Look for good Cushioning: Running puts a great deal of stress on your joints, so choose a shoe with adequate cushioning to absorb the pressure.

4. Evaluate the shoe's weight: a heavier shoe may offer greater support, but it can also hinder your speed. Choose footwear that provides a balance between weight and support.

Foot Care Accessories

It’s clear as day that your child’s welfare comes first before anything else. After a good game, he/she would be weary and exhausted, with tired aching feet. This is the time to use the necessary foot care products and tools to care for your child’s feet. These serve as the essential requirements to keep your child’s feet healthy and conditioned. Foot care accessories are also highly recommended for providing your little athlete with relief along with preventing the feet from any potential cracking.

If you are looking for a reliable list of quality foot care products to choose from for your child, then you should head on over to Sports Uncle, home of the best sports and fitness products.

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