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Wooden Chess Board Set Foldable - 18.5 x 18.5 inch

We're convinced that this wooden chess board collection will solidify the love of chess in anybody that's a kid at heart.

Are you prepared to make one step ahead from an entrance level plastic collection? This beautiful wooden set is big enough to impress, yet small enough to accept the street or during traveling.

On top of that, the pieces store inside, along with the board has published coordinates for novices or the ones that enjoy them.

This Wooden Chess Board is created using a injected Wood. This is a new material which consists of wood, plastics and additives in different proportions. Which make the beautiful and cheaper.

When your purchase a wood chess set, it's packed with care to make sure it arrives safely to your home.

Square Size: 2"
King height: 3.4"
King base: 1 1/8"
Pawn height: 1.6"
Net Weight: 1750 gm

Package Includes: 32 Chessmen, Folding Chess Board

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