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Brand: Yonex
Model: AX3DG HF
Origin: Taiwan
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₹ 4,545 ₹ 6,890
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Delivery 2-7 days
Weight / Grip Size 4U (Avg. 84 gms) G4
Strung Yes
Stringing Advice 20-35 lbs
Cover Included Yes

Yonex Astrox 3 DG HF Badminton Racket

Step onto the court and redefine your game with the 2023 launch - Yonex Astrox 3DG HF badminton racket – where innovation meets maximum power and control. HF stands for Hi-Flex Shaft

1. **Nanomesh Neo**: Crafted for resilience and flexibility, this racket's frame is fortified by Nanomesh Neo technology, delivering strength and adaptability. The Hi-Flex shaft design unleashes maximum power, giving your shots an extra punch.

2. **AERO+BOX Frame**: Experience the perfect blend of a solid hitting feel and lightning-quick swings. This innovative frame design combines the best of both worlds, ensuring you dominate the game with finesse and speed.

3. **ISOMETRIC - Enlarged Sweet Spot**: The ISOMETRIC technology, trusted by elite athletes worldwide, enlarges the sweet spot by 7%. This groundbreaking design optimizes string intersection, granting you more control without compromising power.

4. **Rotational Generator System**: With a counterbalanced weight distribution, every shot becomes a masterpiece of control. Swift transitions between moves are seamless, allowing you to dominate the game with rapid succession.

5. **Control Support CAP**: Elevate your maneuverability to new heights. This cap provides an 88% wider flat surface, making gripping effortless, enabling faster follow-through, and giving you the sharpest control on the court.

6. **Slim Shaft with 10mm longer length**: Enjoy the perfect balance of agility and reach. The slim shaft design and extra length offer exceptional manoeuvrability without sacrificing power.

7. **Built-in T-Joint**: This racket is engineered for stability. The built-in T-Joint enhances the connection between the frame and shaft, ensuring minimal head twist and granting you ultimate control over every shot.

Elevate your game with the Yonex Astrox 3DG HF Badminton Racket, designed to empower your play and redefine your winning streak.

Frame Material: HM Graphite / Tungsten
Shaft Material: 
HM Graphite + Nanomesh Neo

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If you order the Grip, then it will be shipped separately in a corrugated box. The grip will not be applied over the racket to avoid the removal of Barcode/MRP and other useful information. This also helps in understanding that the product is new and unused. Grip color will be assorted/Random, no specific color will be provided.

If you select this option of Custom Stringing, then Racket will be Stringed with the selected string @ maximum 25lbs (if racket supports) otherwise whichever maximum tension racket supports. We don't provide the facility of stringing more than 25 lbs to avoid any transit shock damage.

If you are looking for higher tension then we suggest you to strung at your end.

There is NO Warranty/Replacement of the strings which break during the play either that's your first shot or 10th game.

** Custom Stringing Rackets required 2 days extra time for shipping and such orders can't be cancelled once placed.