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Brand: Yonex
Model: NF555
Origin: Taiwan
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Delivery 2-7 days
Weight / Grip Size 4U (Ave.78g) G5
Strung / Tension Yes / 20-28 lbs
Shaft / Flex H.M Graphite, Nanocell Neo, Ex-HMG / Solid Titanium
Cover  Yes 

Yonex NanoFlare 555 Badminton Racket

New to the highly successful Nanoflare range the Nanoflare 555 is designed for players in either doubles or singles who prefer a stiff flex shaft but on a light-headed frame. This enables the attacking player to have a very quick head pickup from the front of the court and a solid power base from the rear court.

The Yonex NanoFlare series badminton racket is a head-light balanced racket designed to generate power and increase swing speed while maintaining superb touch and maneuverability. Through the use of an aero-dimensional (slim wide-body) design head frame and material with unique technology and construction, the NanoFlare racket helps players not only play nimbly but also generate power and increase shuttle acceleration allowing them to hit further.

Yonex achieves this breakthrough design by reimagining the frame design. The NANOFLARE series badminton rackets utilize the Sonic Flare System design, utilizing the latest in graphite technologies, such as TORAYCA(R) M40X, to create a stable yet highly repulsive head shape. Additionally, by designing a highly aero-dimensional shape built to compress and snap back, Yonex created an ultra-light racket for players who demand agility and, yet, generate power that was not possible before in a head-light balanced racket.

SONIC FLARE SYSTEM Improved shot speeds by positioning high modulus graphite at the top and bottom of the frame. SUPER HMG graphite is utilized at the top of the frame, and highly strong yet elastic graphite, called TORAYCA(R) M40X, along the bottom, greatly improves the stability of the frame and the repulsion performance of the racket.

AERO-DIMENSIONAL DESIGN The new Aero Frame is both highly aerodynamic, allowing for fast and easy swings, while maintaining a profile that allows the frame to compress on impact with the shuttle, and snap back, much like a trampoline, launching the shuttle from the face of the racquet.

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If you order the Grip, then it will be shipped separately in a corrugated box. The grip will not be applied over the racket to avoid the removal of Barcode/MRP and other useful information. This also helps in understanding that the product is new and unused. Grip color will be assorted/Random, no specific color will be provided.

If you select this option of Custom Stringing, then Racket will be Stringed with the selected string @ maximum 25lbs (if racket supports) otherwise whichever maximum tension racket supports. We don't provide the facility of stringing more than 25 lbs to avoid any transit shock damage.

If you are looking for higher tension then we suggest you to strung at your end.

There is NO Warranty/Replacement of the strings which break during the play either that's your first shot or 10th game.

** Custom Stringing Rackets required 2 days extra time for shipping and such orders can't be cancelled once placed.