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Brand: Yonex
Model: NF 800PRO
Origin: Japan
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₹ 13,575 ₹ 23,999
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Delivery 2-7 days
Weight / Grip Size 4U (Ave.83g) G5
Strung / Tension NO / 20-28 lbs
Frame / Flex H.M Graphite + M40X + Super HMG + Copper
Cover / Made in Yes / Made in Japan

Yonex NanoFlare 800 PRO Badminton Racket

Introducing the cutting-edge NANOFLARE 800, designed to deliver the fastest drive shot. While the core concept of the "Drive" remains consistent with the existing NANOFLARE 800/800LT, its performance design has undergone significant enhancements, resulting in a more aggressive drive that outpaces opponents with sheer speed.

In recent years, the playing style in badminton has evolved to seize opportunities in every rally. Instead of allowing opponents to lift the shuttlecock after a net shot for a subsequent smash, players now create smash opportunities through rapid drives that disrupt their opponent's response and cause the shuttlecock to rise. Consequently, our primary focus has been on augmenting the speed of drives, enabling more assertive shots.

For more advanced players, the NANOFLARE 800 PRO combines the Wide Profile Frame and the new stringing pattern with the Enhanced Sonic Flare System. This innovative system in the new model leverages the steep angle from the stringing area to the T-joint, along with the integration of copper at the bottom of the frame to increase rigidity, ultimately enhancing the overall repulsion of drives.

The design of the NANOFLARE 800 Pro is unique because it incorporates semi-exposed stripes of carbon graphite. These stripes appear differently depending on the viewing angle under the light, expressing unexpected speed.

Enhanced Sonic Flare System

The Enhanced Sonic Flare System is built through a careful combination of high modulus graphite, high modulus graphite at the tip of the frame, at the tip of the frame, and a strong yet elastic graphite, M40X, at the base of the frame. The repulsion of drives is further improved with the steep angle from the stringing area to the T-Joint as well as the addition of copper in the bottom of the frame for select NANOFLARE 800 models. These materials provide high repulsion for maximum shuttle acceleration, but the carefully calculated placement, volume and combination of the graphite materials also deliver stability and control. 

Wide Profile Frame

NANOFLARE's characteristic wide frame and aero shape with sharp edges reduce frame warp during swing, improving repulsion and follow-through.

Stringing Pattern for Enhanced Repulsion

By adding one cross string and narrowing down the interval to heighten surface pressure, the new pattern increases the repulsion of drives. 

So, if you're an advanced player seeking unparalleled speed, control, and power, the Nanoflare 800 PRO is your ticket to badminton glory. Prepare to take your game to new heights and leave your opponents in awe. It's time to unleash the lightning-fast ninja within you!

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