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Brand: Apacs
Model: Fantala6 Speed
Origin: Vietnam
Availability: In Stock
₹ 3,499 ₹ 9,499
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Delivery2-7 days
Weight / Grip Size5U, 80g / G2
Stringing Advice22 - 38 lbs
Cover IncludedYes  (Sportsuncle Cover)

Apacs Fantala 6.0 SPEED Badminton Racket

Get ready to take your badminton game to new heights with the Apacs Fantala 6.0 Speed badminton racket - the slim, speedy, and downright sensational racket!

Weighing in at 80g, this racket is as light as a feather. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to effortless swings and lightning-fast manoeuvres. Continuous drives? Piece of cake. Retrieving smashes? No problemo. With the Fantala 6.0 Speed, you'll glide across the court with ease, making every shot feel like a walk in the park.

But let's talk about that slim shaft, shall we? Apacs has taken things to the next level with the world's slimmest badminton racket shaft, measuring a mere 6.0mm. It's a marvel of cutting-edge nano-carbon technology that delivers an ultra-thin, ultra-tough, and ultra-aerodynamic shaft. Translation? Faster shots, stronger shots, and a whole lot of intensity. Get ready to unleash your power and leave your opponents in awe.

This racket's quad-balance slim frame is designed to further up your game. With strengthened areas at 2, 10, 5, and 7 o'clock on the frame, you'll enjoy an expanded sweet spot with a solid and stiff feel. The slim frame is also a drag-reducing genius, allowing swift and powerful swings. Say hello to a solid impact and goodbye to any sluggishness. It's time to dominate the court!

With the Apacs Fantala 6.0 Speed, playing badminton becomes a breeze. The lightweight design and the slim frame create a winning combination that ensures painless and easy drives. Plus, retrieving those smashes is a cinch, thanks to the light and nimble feel of the racket. You'll be quick on your feet and ready for whatever comes your way.

Frame Material - 30 Tonne Japan Graphite
Shaft Material - 40 Tonne Japan HM Graphite + Epoxy Resin
Shaft - 6.0 mm
Flex -  8.5 (Medium)
Length - 672 mm
Grommets - 76 Holes
Balance - 295mm

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If you order the Grip, then it will be shipped separately in a corrugated box. The grip will not be applied over the racket to avoid the removal of Barcode/MRP and other useful information. This also helps in understanding that the product is new and unused. Grip color will be assorted/Random, no specific color will be provided.

If you select this option of Custom Stringing, then Racket will be Stringed with the selected string @ maximum 25lbs (if racket supports) otherwise whichever maximum tension racket supports. We don't provide the facility of stringing more than 25 lbs to avoid any transit shock damage.

If you are looking for higher tension then we suggest you to strung at your end.

There is NO Warranty/Replacement of the strings which break during the play either that's your first shot or 10th game.

** Custom Stringing Rackets required 2 days extra time for shipping and such orders can't be cancelled once placed.