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Without a doubt, Cricket has become a batsman's game, if it was not earlier, particularly after the introduction of T-20 cricket. Plus, the evolution of cricket bats has further enhanced the batting prowess. As a result, we see boundaries being cleared with such each. We could easily see more sixes being hit in a match than the number of boundaries. However, it doesn't mean that just picking a bat is enough to hit sixes.

On the contrary, several other factors have enabled modern batman to clear boundary at will. One such factor is the cricket bat's weight, and cricket bats are available in multiple weights ranging from light weight bats to heavyweight cricket bats. So, you have to find a weight that is perfect for you.

Finding the perfect weight cricket bat is essential for every cricketer, whether a professional or an amateur one. After all, the weight directly affects the style of your batting. However, it is worth noting that there is no perfect weight; it depends on individual preferences. In other words, you should go for the weight that feels right to you. What's more, heavyweight cricket bats and light weight cricket bats have their advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, we have brought you some critical aspects of both types of bats in this piece to help you find the right one. 
lite or heavy which cricket bat to choose

Lightweight Bats

 Let's start our discussion by talking about some benefits of using lesser weight bats.

Advantages of light weight bat

1. Best for developing technique

Lite bats are perfect for beginners who are looking to better their batting technique. It is easier to concentrate on playing your shots with a lightweight instead of being bogged down by the weight of cricket bat. Hence, it helps people in becoming a good batsman as they can swing the bat more freely.

Note: It is better for players transitioning from junior to adult-sized bat to use a lighter bat. Doesn't matter which handle you choose round or oval.

2. Better Shot Selection

Lighter bats give more freedom to the batsman to play a wide range of shots. Plus, it also enhances the speed of the bat movement resulting in good timing. On top of that, lighter bats empower a batsman to free his hands with better control, which might not be the case with a heavy bat. As heavyweight limits the amount of moment due to weight constrain.

3 . Developing New Shots

As the game is changing and tennis ball cricket is gaining popularity at competitive levels, strategies are based on getting the most runs in 5-10 overs. So the importance of your bat's weight comes into play. Batsmen can play innovative shots like switch hit and dilscoop that require greater bat control and switching one's grip with lighter bats. A more light weight bat is more suitable for this cause.

Like to mention English willow cricket bat is lighter than Kashmir Willow wood. English Willow cricket bats are used in the professional or international cricket. In Gully cricket mostly tennis cricket bats used which is made of popular willow.

4. Prevents Long-term Injury

Heavier bats are more suited to playing bigger shots, and a great example of this was the game's little master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar. But with great power, there is a con also, use of heavy bats for extended periods, say for one's whole career, can significantly increase the chance of injury.

The batsman should pick bats as per your own comfort level, but that's not possible with online buying. You can see the grains and some fake ping videos that can be easily manipulated by giving extra power while hitting. So, a good seller with good knowledge of handpick bats is necessary for such conditions.

5. Batting Aggressively

The choice of cricket bat also depends on the format of the game. Some players use lighter bats for the fast-paced 2020 format, but some players use heavy cricket bats for hitting big sixes in the same format. Lightweight bats also allow players to change their stance and play unorthodox shots to gain the edge over their opponents.

Enough with the advantages of using a lighter bat, let's talk about the disadvantages of using such bats.


Disadvantages of Lightweight

Here is the flip side of using lighter bats.

1. Less power

The most significant disadvantage of using a lighter bat is that bat usually means less power than heavyweight bats. You might not get enough distance on your shots, and you will have to generate move power from your wrist to hit the ball over the boundary, even if the balls hit the middle of your bat.

2. Not optimum for end overs

The batsman at the end overs tries to score as many runs as possible. In the process, they want to hit as many boundaries, specifically sixes, as they can. However, in the case of lite bats, it is mandatory to absolutely crunch the ball. Otherwise, you might end up giving up a catch to a fielder.

That's why the great Rahul Dravid used to switch to a heavier bat towards the innings' end.

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Heavyweight bats

Advantages of Heavyweight bats

1. More power

The most significant advantage of using a heavyweight bat is that it offers you more power than a lighter bat. More power means more distance on the shots, even if you don't hit the ball in the middle of the bat. In other words, heavy bats are perfectly suited for power hitting and clearing boundaries effortlessly.

2. Broad edges

 Another benefit of using heavy bats is that it has broad edges. What's more, the edges are so broad that even the edges have their own sweet spot, and when a fast-moving ball hits these broad edges, it usually flies, which is generally not the case with lite bats.

3. Best for shorter formats and end overs

Usually, in shorter formats, batsmen look to hit boundaries; the same is the case with the last few overs of a one-day match. As a matter of fact, batsmen are not content with just hitting fours; they want to hit sixes and that too long sixes in shorter formats.

And it is no surprise that hitting sixes is more effortless with heavy cricket bats, so these bats are perfectly suited for shorter format and end overs.

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Disadvantages of Heavy Weight

1. Makes you prone to injury

Just like lite bats, heavyweight bats have their disadvantages too. The first of which is, it can tire your wrist quickly and make you prone to injuries, particularly in longer formats like test cricket and even in one-day Cricket. That's why, batsman tend to change their bats to a heavy one at the end of innings instead of starting with a heavy bat.

2. Limits the number of shots

The second most significant drawback of using a heavy bat is, it limits the number of shots. For instance, a heavy bat makes it challenging to play strokes like pull and cut because it is difficult to swing a heavy bat, and shots like these need to have a free bat swing.

sachin-dhoni playing with heavy bats

List of famous cricketers with their respective bat weights 

We always have a question in mind what's the weight of Dhoni's bat, how heavy it is Virat Kohli's bat, how much does Chris Gayle's bat weight. Here is the list of some of the most famous cricketer with their cricket bat weight, which will answer all your questions:


Cricketer's NameHeavy or LiteBat Weight
Sachin TendulkarHeavy1.47kg
Mahendra Singh DhoniLite1.25kg
Chris GayleHeavy1.36kg
Virender SehwagHeavy1.35kg
Kane WilliamsonLite1.12kg
Lance KlusenerHeavy1.53kg
AB de VilliersLite1.19kg
Virat KohliLite1.22kg
David WarnerLite1.22kg

Note: The bat used by Lance Klusener is the heaviest bat ever used by a cricketer, while the bat used by Kane Williamson is the lightest bat among cricketers. 

Currently, 2021, is going on; if you go back 3-4 years, Dhoni was using a similar weight to what Sachin was using, as confirmed by SG MD Paras Juny Anand.

Is it better to use a heavy or light bat?

Selecting a heavyweight or a lightweight cricket bat depends on a lot of factors. Among them, your height, your strength, your style of play, whether you are a front foot player or a back-foot player are some of the most important ones.

Hence, it is better to self-analyze your strength and the type of player you are before picking up a bat.

In case if you are lean and love to play all kinds of shots, including the innovative ones like Dilscoop, you should buy a lightweight bat. As it offers your more control over your technique, at the same time, it also lets your play reverse shots, pulls and cuts well. Plus, it is easier to control your shot better with a lightweight bat when compared to heavy bats.

On the other hand, if you have good technique, a healthy physique, and you like to play down the ground, you should go for a heavy bat. Heavy bats make sure that your bats come straight through the line while swinging.

However, keep in mind that you will lose your shape while playing a shot if you are not physically strong. Or your bat might not come in time to play a shot; the batsman needs to spot the ball a fraction of a second early to bring the heavy blade down in time.

 Players tend to start a career with a heavier bat and then reduce the weight with time owing to changes in the reflexes and techniques brought about by age.

Here is a quick way to find the right bat weight.

Go into a shop, pick up a bat, and hold it perpendicularly to your body with your arm stretched for a minute. If you can perform the activity described above smoothly, the bat is right for you.

On the other hand, if you couldn't do it, the bat is probably not meant for you. Nevertheless, keep doing the previously mentioned exercise with different bats and find the bat that suits you better.

On the Sportsuncle website, you will get lots of offers on the full-size cricket bat with good pickup and punch with a clean face. We have lots of cricket bat brands like MRF, Gray Nicolls, SG, SS, BDM, etc. What are you waiting for?

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Great advise thanks its really helpful
Nick 31-07-2022 02:37
Clive Hubert Lloyd used a Duncan Fearnley bat weighing 4lbs / 1.8kg. When I visited their factory in Worcester in 1983 to buy a bat the bat maker told me this and let me hold a bat of that weight. The bat I bought weighed 3.5lbs
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