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Key features include:

¡ Ultimate cushioning with POWER CUSHION technology in the entire midsole

¡ New POWER CUSHION+ in the heavy burden section

¡ Soft and comfortable fit

¡ Relaxes landing shock and converts energy for quick and smooth footwork

¡ Toe assist shape to prevent foot movement within the shoe

¡ Spiral Wrap and Flexion Upper follow the shape of the instep, hugging the foot dispersing pressure on the foot

Compared with conventional POWER CUSHION, the new POWER CUSHION + boasts 25% more shock absorption and 12% more repulsion.

His footwork is imperative to his game – without the speed of movement and the agility he displays, he could not compete as he has done over the past decade.

The Chinese superstar has built his game around his incredible speed on the court, which is why his choice of footwear is so important.

Lin Dan wears shoes from the Yonex Comfort Series, with the POWER CUSHION+ technology as well as the soft and comfortable fit, allowing him to move around the court effortlessly.

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